Avoid WordPress 5.9.1 Update – February 2022

UPDATE: April 13, 2022 – On April 5, 2022, WordPress released version 5.9.3, which included a fix for the bug that was introduced in 5.9.1. As such, this issue is now resolved and ProPhoto users are safe to update to WordPress 5.9.3.

UPDATE: March 11, 2022 – Per WordPress’ 5.9.2 release yesterday (March 10, 2022), this issue has not been resolved. Instead, WordPress decided to push the fix back to their 5.9.3 release (release date TBD). So ProPhoto users should avoid updating to WordPress 5.9.2.

TLDR: Do not update to WordPress 5.9.1. We will provide additional information when it is safe to update WordPress again.

Yesterday, February 22, 2022, WordPress released update 5.9.1. This update contained a change intended to ensure fully responsive behavior for older uploaded images. However, the way it was implemented was very broad in scope and can cause issues with how certain images display in ProPhoto (specifically image layers in tiles and gallery images). As such, we are recommending ProPhoto customers do not update to WordPress 5.9.1 for now.

Since the release, a bug ticket has been created (as the change affected a lot of other WordPress users) and it appears a fix may be implemented, possibly in WordPress 5.9.2. But how and when the fix will be implemented exactly, we are not yet sure. We will keep track of the situation and communicate when it is safe to update WordPress again.

If you have already updated to WordPress 5.9.1, and are seeing issues with images on your site, please contact us and we will be happy to help you get rolled back to WordPress 5.9. (Or, if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, there is a plugin you can use to downgrade as well.)