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Managed Hosting

Blazing fast, secure hosting optimized for WordPress and ProPhoto.

ProPhoto Theme

A super-flexible, drag and drop website theme builder.

World-Class Support

Free migration, a free live help session, and expert help for all your web needs.

Managed Hosting

Your plan includes everything you need to run a fast, efficient, website.


Highly scalable infrastructure can handle dramatic spikes in traffic without missing a beat.



You're never locked into a contract and can cancel at any time.



Automatically updated to the latest PHP for optimal performance and security.



An aggressive caching system tightly integrated with WordPress means each request is as small as possible.



Your site is served to visitors from the nearest data center throughout the world.


We're making the web a safer place by setting all sites up with HTTPS by default.



Any existing WordPress sites can be fully migrated over to our servers for free.



Daily backups of all your site's assets give you extra peace of mind.



Login lockdown, an integrated firewall, and internal security audits help ensure the security of your data.



Optionally use a temporary address to work on your site until you're ready to go live with your new site.



You'll always have the latest and greatest version of our theme.


SMUSH PRO PLugin ($5/month Value)

Free Smush Pro plugin integration to help with image compression and optimization.

ProPhoto Theme

Power, flexibility, and convenience. Here are just a few of our favorite tools you'll find in ProPhoto:

Intuitive Editing & Flexibility

Astonishing flexibility to build the site of your dreams. Compose modules in flexible blocks, rows, and columns to create any layout imaginable. Focus on what you want to edit using our front-end visual builder to tweak any page layout while you view it.

Front-end Editing

Intuitive front-end visual builder tools allow you to find and edit exactly what you want. Hover your mouse and click in any layout. Plus, tools for customizing responsive appearance and behavior.

Endless page layouts

ProPhoto layouts allow you to copy and make variations of your design that you can apply to different pages of your site. Layouts provide an unparalleled level of control, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your viewer's browsing experience.

Galleries & Images

Showing off your images has never been easier. ProPhoto leverages the latest web technologies to serve your images fast and sharp to all devices, and our responsive galleries look great on any screen size while offering tons of flexibility.


ProPhoto "Tiles" will blow your mind. They allow you to create and edit responsive graphics with images, text, layers, animation and hover states, all with a drag and click admin UI. The possibilities and applications are endless!

Painless Typography

Style your site with great typography using ProPhoto's built in controls. Create reusable, editable font styles that you can apply across various parts of your site. Choose from hundreds of free Google fonts, or upload your own custom font files.

Simply and Powerfully Responsive

ProPhoto is 100% responsive, which means everything you build with ProPhoto will automatically adapt to look great on any device -- phone, tablet or desktop. And, if you want to fine-tune how your site appears at different screen sizes, we've got you covered there too.

Powerful Forms

ProPhoto comes free with a powerful form builder functionality. Create as many custom forms as you want, embedding them in any page you need. Assign custom email delivery addresses, custom email formats, and set up success/failure pages to dial in your customer engagement.

Flexible Menus

With a drag and drop menu builder, you can reuse links to create as many navigation menus as you need. Place menus anywhere in your page and control when they are seen. Plus a slide-over menu pane is a space saver on small screen sizes.

Customize Privately

So much power sometimes means you want to experiment in private. ProPhoto has got you covered. Serve one ProPhoto design to your site viewers while you privately test and prepare modifications to your site. Nobody will see until you go live with your new design.

Want to see the full list? We have hundreds of features ready for you to build the website of your dreams!

World Class Support

  • WordPress and ProPhoto support from experts
  • A FREE ½ hour live help session within 30 days of sign-up
  • Support team members are patient, thorough, and soft (like pandas)
  • Full site installation after signup
  • FREE site migrations
  • Pour a glass of wine, draw up a bath, and relax while we make your dream site a reality
  • Numerous á la carte customization services available

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can use WordPress and ProPhoto to create a website, a blog, or all in one, regardless of which ProPhoto design you use.

Yes, we will import over any old blog posts you may have from an older blog, assuming it is WordPress or another blog type that can be imported into WordPress.

Yes, you can use any computer because WordPress and ProPhoto are installed on our web server. You will login to your website online and do everything in a web browser.

Designs from ProPhoto 6, and 7 will be imported over into the latest version of ProPhoto and work as they did before. However, designs from legacy versions of ProPhoto (5, 4, 3, etc) are not compatible with the latest ProPhoto and can not be imported over. Regardless of ProPhoto version, all existing WordPress content (blog posts, pages, galleries) will be imported over and remain intact.

No, stand-alone WordPress themes cannot be edited using the ProPhoto software. Instead, ProPhoto works with designs that are created by the software.

Edit a free design, or buy a premium design to personalize – every aspect of ProPhoto designs can be tweaked or completely overhauled for the perfect look and layout.

The only thing you need to start with ProPhoto is a domain name. We recommend using Google Domains or GoDaddy for domain names.


Yes, except for a handful of plugins that we don’t allow. You are free (and encouraged) to add plugins to your site as you normally would. However, some plugins interfere with or duplicate what we are already managing on your site for you, or are security/performance liabilities. Any plugins installed from our disallowed plugins list will be removed. See the full list here: Disallowed plugins list

In most cases, there is no server control panel access provided for your site. This is because we manage it all for you 🙂 Any specific requests at the server level (like running an older version of PHP) would need to be submitted as a support request and would be considered on a case by case basis. If full control over your server environment is important to you, then this might not be the hosting solution for you.

No, we don’t offer unlimited storage. A number of hosting companies advertise “unlimited storage” but the plans are almost never truly unlimited. There will either be fees above a certain threshold, or they limit the number of files you can have on your server. Either way, claims of “unlimited storage” from a budget hosting plan are generally qualified in the fine print.

Domain name registration and email hosting are not included. You will need to register your domain with a domain registrar (we recommend Google Domains ), and then we can manage your domain for you from there. We also don’t manage email addresses and hosting. If you desire an email address based on your domain name, that needs to be set up through a 3rd-party email host (we recommend Google Workspace ). If you need help with either of these things just contact us.

Basic hosting plans are generally underpowered, set up to accommodate any number of platforms, and include a small set of features. To get the best performance, you would need to dial in server settings, and find and maintain plugins to ensure the speed and security of your site. With us, every server is optimized specifically for WordPress and ProPhoto because that’s all we do. Tools for maximizing your site’s performance are built-in and managed by us, freeing you up to manage your business instead of your website.

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