ProPhoto is bursting with rich features you need to build the site of your dreams


Power, flexibility, and convenience. Here are just a few of our favorite tools you'll find in ProPhoto:


Astonishing flexibility to build the site of your dreams. Compose widgets, columns, blocks and rows to create any layout imaginable. Focus on what you want to edit using our front-end editing tools, or our drag & drop admin customizer.

Galleries & Images

Showing off your images has never been easier. ProPhoto leverages the latest web technologies to serve your images fast and sharp to all devices, and our responsive galleries look great on any screen size, while offering tons of flexibility.

Front-end Editing

Super helpful front-end editing tools allow you to find and edit exactly what you want by hovering your mouse and clicking. Plus, tools for customizing responsively, and locating and editing design images.

Grids Galore

Easily create and customize gorgeous grids to show of your images and content. Masonry or cropped, with text below, or overlay rollover effects. Use grids in posts pages, widgets, or for your gallery display.

No Editing Code

Do you know how to click and drag, and choose from multiple choice options? Then you can build a site with ProPhoto. No need to touch a single line of code, just work through any options that interest you, refining your appearance by choosing colors, fonts, and layout options.

Simply and Powerfully Responsive

ProPhoto is 100% responsive, which means everything you build with ProPhoto will automatically adapt to look great on any device -- phone, tablet or desktop. And, if you want to fine-tune how your site appears at different screen sizes, we've got you covered there too.

Introducing ProPhoto Templates

Once you've got your basic look and feel nailed down, ProPhoto templates allow you to copy and make variations of your design to apply to different parts of your site. Templates provide an unparalleled level of control, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your viewers browsing experience.

Social Media Integration

ProPhoto has loads of social media integrations built in, to keep you connected to your clients and fans. Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, with just a few clicks.


ProPhoto "Tiles" will blow your mind. They allow you to create and edit responsive graphics with images, text, layers, animation and hover states, all with a drag and click admin UI. The possibilities and applications are endless!

Call-to-action Items

Make sure it's easy for your visitors to be more than just anonymous viewers with built-in post call to action items. Easily add options to share your posts on social media, contact you, and more, with a Call to action builder baked right into ProPhoto.

Painless Typography

Brand and style your site with great typography with ProPhoto's built in controls. Create reusable, editable font styles that you can apply across various site elements. Make use of built-in integrations of hundreds of free Google fonts, or upload your own custom font files.

Powerful Forms

ProPhoto comes free with a powerful form builder functionality. Create as many custom forms as you want, embedding them in posts/pages or widgets. Assign custom email delivery addresses, templated emails, and assignable redirect urls to dial-in your customer engagement.

Customize Privately

So much power sometimes means you want to experiment in private. ProPhoto has got you covered. Serve one ProPhoto design to your site viewers while you privately test and prepare modifications to your site. Nobody will see until you go live with your new design.

Flexible Menus

With a drag and drop admin UI, you can create as many menu structures with reusable menu links as you need. Place menus anywhere you want in your site, and control at what screen sizes they hide and show. Plus a mobile slide-over menu is used for small screen sizes.

Test Drive

Already using WordPress and a different theme, or an older version of ProPhoto? We've made switching easy with a free test-drive plugin, which allows you to keep a different theme active for non-logged in admin users, while you privately work with ProPhoto 6, getting ready to relaunch your responsive custom site.

Always Updating

Since the launch of ProPhoto 6 we've released 91 free updates, including 21 major releases with new features. Recently added features include widget animations, carousel galleries, featured image backgrounds/widgets, video backgrounds, WooCommerce support, page-caching, and more.



Looking for even more? It's almost ridiculous to try to list all the things ProPhoto can do, but below you'll find a longer sampling of all the stuff you get with ProPhoto.


Infinite Layouts

You just click and drag to create columns, rows, and blocks, in any arrangement you can dream of. The P6 layout builder literally gives you infinite possibilities to create exactly the page layouts you want.


ProPhoto templates allow you to create variations of your site design and apply them selectively to types of pages, or individual posts or pages, allowing for an astonishing flexibility in adapting your site design to your various types of content.

Front-end editing

The ProPhoto Bar is a compact but powerful front-end helper that lets you see what design, template, and responsive breakpoint you are viewing. It also lets you directly find and edit images, widgets, columns, rows and blocks.


ProPhoto tiles allow you to create layered, animated graphic chunks to use as buttons, links and more. Just add text, images, shapes, and animation with our click and drag admin tile builder interface.

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Make any combinations of menus: horizontal, vertical, collapsing, and mobile with our drag and drop menu builder. Choose from 16+ types of menu items, and reuse menu links and structures throughout your design.


Tons of options for embedding and linking to posts, images, Instragram feeds, galleries and more, are made possible by ProPhoto Grids. Customize layout and appearance, and embed them wherever you like throughout your site.

Sticky Blocks

Any portion of your site can be made "sticky" -- meaning it will always stay stuck to the top of your site even when scrolling. If the sticky block isn't your first item, it will stick to the top as soon it reaches there via scrolling.

Drag & Drop Customizer

No need to learn HTML or any other code. Just drag and drop, slide sliders, and make simple click choices in our admin customizer, and slowly watch your vision for your website turn into reality. We mess with the complicated stuff so you don't have to.

Responsive Overrides

ProPhoto automatically handles making every element of your site responsive, but if you want to dial in exactly how your site looks and feels on different devices, we expose options for you to customize things just for certain screen sizes, or to hide/show items based on device.

Integrations & Social Media

WooCommerce Compatibility

ProPhoto 6 supports WooCommerce out-of-the box, and with built-in controls for designing unique templates for various parts of your online store, P6 might be the most flexible and powerful WooCommerce theme there is!

Facebook Comments

ProPhoto natively support WordPress comments, to make it easy for your blog readers to comment on and share your content, and automatically publicize your posts on their Facebook feeds.

Instagram Grids

ProPhoto includes a special grid type that pulls images from your Instagram feed, and lets you display them in a customized format anywhere on your site.

Twitter Integration

A built-in Twitter menu dropdown type and recent tweets widget gives you loads of built-in flexibility to seamlessly integrate ProPhoto with your Twitter feed.

Pinterest Image Pinning

Optionally enable the ability for users to pin individual images, by hovering over your content images and clicking on a customizable graphic or tile.

WPML Compatibility

If you need to translate your ProPhoto site into multiple languages, ProPhoto comes with built-in compatibility with WPML, the leading WordPress multi-language plugin.

Facebook Page Widget

Create and customize a Facebook page widget with just a few clicks of your mouse, to help drive traffic and likes to your Facebook business page.

Pinterest Widget

A flexible Pinterest widget allows you to drive traffic to your Pinterest profile, or permit your site viewers to easily pin any image on their screen to their favorite boards.

Google+ Integration

Google + integration is built into ProPhoto via widgets and Call to Action items. Easily link to or embed your Google + profile in any area of your site, or allow others to +1 your posts with a few clicks.


ProPhoto follows WordPress best-practices making it as compatible as possible with a huge variety of third-party plugins. Not all plugins are standard and well-coded and work perfectly with ProPhoto, but a huge percentage do.

Images & Galleries

Carousel galleries

Recently added to P6 is the ability to create gorgeous carousel-style galleries with numerous customization options and fine-grained responsive controls.

Slider galleries

It's a breeze to create slider galleries in P6, with customizable controls, navigation, thumbnails, even combine your slider galleries with slideshow mode or fullscreen capabilities!

Image theft protection

Add a few layers of image theft protection with a single click. Prevent right click downloads, disable default WordPress linking to source files, and add optional watermarks. It's all built in.

Responsive Images

We've spent a ton of time dialing in how ProPhoto displays your images, with the latest srcset technologies, polyfills for older browsers, and a totally unique system of lazily creating image sizes for faster page loads and better server space management.

Full screen galleries

ProPhoto 6 leverages the modern web fullscreen API to allow your galleries to be launched into a gorgeous, immersive full-screen mode. Browsers that don't support full screen will use our full-window fallback, which also looks great.

Image lazyloading

If you want to show off lots of images without slowing down your page load speed, try ProPhoto image lazyloading. Images wait to load until the user scrolls down far enough to be near seeing them, drastically improving perceived page load time.

Parallax Effects

With ProPhoto blocks and the simple controls we expose for assigning and customizing background images, it's easy to create beautiful parallax-style sections of your site. See here or here for examples.

Thumbnail galleries

Insert batches of images into posts, pages, or template layouts with thumbnail-style galleries. Thumbnail appearance is totally customizable, and clicking the images can launch a gorgeous full-window or fullscreen immersive experience.

Image watermarking

Protecting your images is important to you, so ProPhoto can automatically apply a watermark of your choice to all the images you display on your site, helping with theft protection, and branding.

Slideshow Galleries

With a single click, turn any ProPhoto gallery into a slideshow. Control animation styles, speed, and buttons in the customizer so you can show off your images in style.


Widget Animations

Easily add subtle animating transitions to pieces of your page content with ProPhoto's widget animation features. Configure the widgets and your users will see animated effects applied as they scroll down through your site and the widgets become visible.

Infinite Custom Forms

The power of a premium form-building plugin is built into ProPhoto for free. Make as many forms as you like, embed them in widgets, post or pages, and customize email notification and redirect urls.

Call to Action Builder

To make it easy to guide your site viewers into the actions and responses you want them to take, ProPhoto comes with a built-in call-to action builder with loads of included integrations and options.

Templated form emails

Custom craft templated form emails that get automatically sent out when a visitor submits a form on your site. Convert more visitors to clients and fans.


Built in smooth-scrolling links allow you to guide visitors to different parts of your ProPhoto pages with a pleasing scrolling animation.

Form redirect urls

ProPhoto allows you to setup custom redirect urls for success and failure outcomes for your various ProPhoto forms, allowing you to tailor and track customer engagement with your business online.


Control your site identity by uploading a favicon and iOS homescreen image. Make sure the entire experience your viewers have with your site is consistent and branded.

Threaded comments

Built-in support for WordPress threaded comments should encourage the most visitor engagement possible with your unique content.

Content & Typography

Leverage Featured Images

Take advantage of WordPress' post featured images to dynamically change background images for your blog post pages.

Reusable font styles

Take control of your branding with easy-to-use typography controls. Create reusable font styles and then apply them to various aspects of your site. Take advantage of built-in Google fonts or upload your own .woff files.

Widgets Galore

Over 22+ widgets built in to ProPhoto and WordPress, plus support for plugin widgets means you've got loads of options for building out your pages and content in P6.

Upload custom .woff Fonts

If you have a custom font for your brand, you can upload it in a drag and drop interface within ProPhoto, allowing total control of your typography and branding.

Vertical & Horizontal Menus

Whatever combination of menus you need, you can create with ProPhoto's powerful menu builder. Insert menus as widgets in any template or page of your site, control at what screen sizes they hide and show, and more.

Google Fonts

Nearly the full spectrum of the 600+ free Google fonts are at your fingertips in ProPhoto. Just type in the font name you want, then select it in a font-style. No complicated coding or integration, it just works.

16+ Menu Item Types

ProPhoto comes built-in with more than 16 menu items types for fast and easy navigation menu creation. Link to whatever internal, external or social media URLs you need with a few clicks.

Custom Grid Items

Create totally custom grids of images linking to anything you want, with ProPhoto's flexible custom grids.


Responsive Reflow

Every aspect of ProPhoto is responsive to the core, and requires no manual intervention. Things like galleries, blocks, rows and columns automatically and intelligently reflow and adapt to all screen sizes.


Feature releases and bugfixes are seamless with ProPhoto -- whenever a new version of ProPhoto is ready, your site will automatically replace itself with the latest version while you wait only a few seconds.

Analytics Integration

Built-in support for Google analytics and Statcounter analytics, plus plugin-friendliness for loads more options means you're all set when it comes to integrating the analytics tool of your choice.

Constant development

ProPhoto is under near constant development. We're always tweaking, fixing things, and adding new enhancements, features and refinements, so ProPhoto is always evolving.

Developer advanced controls

We've also exposed a handful of power features for web-savvy users and developers. Easily add entity-scoped custom sass, css, javascript and more, with advanced developer features and plugin extension points.

Built-in Page Cache

No need to reach for complicated caching plugins, ProPhoto has a seamless, built-in page caching functionality to keep your site running fast, no matter what web-host you're on.

Modern PHP Support

ProPhoto is tested and compatible with the very latest versions of PHP, including PHP 7.1, which was just released, making it easy to stay on the cutting edge of speed and safety.

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