ProPhoto 7 Update Release (7.7.19) – September 2021

Yesterday we released another update for ProPhoto 7, version 7.7.19. This update raises the required minimum PHP version for ProPhoto 7 to PHP 7.3, and it makes ProPhoto 7 compatible with PHP 8.0. Because PHP 7.2 and older are no longer supported, and many hosts are introducing PHP 8.0 onto their servers, this update ensures that ProPhoto 7 will run on the latest and most secure versions of PHP.

What if my site doesn’t get the update, or does update, but then breaks?

If your site does not update to this latest version of ProPhoto 7, then you will want to make sure and read our previous ProPhoto 7 update post. That update helped prepare sites for this 7.7.19 release and the post explains how you will need to contact your host to have them change the PHP version on your server, then re-enable automatic updates in ProPhoto 7.

For those that never logged in to perform that last ProPhoto 7 update (7.7.18), if your site now updates to the latest version (7.7.19) and you see any sort of fatal errors on your site, you will want to contact your webhost right away and have them change the PHP version on the server to the latest available (PHP 7.3 or higher). All reputable webhosts should be providing PHP 7.3 or higher at this point.

Also Included

Besides changing the minimum PHP requirement and ensuring PHP 8.0 compatibility, this latest ProPhoto 7 update also includes a fix to help maintain Instagram account authorization and avoid frequent broken connections.

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