After a short set up, you’ll have the tools you need for a personalized website with your own style. Plus, get free support from our team in West Michigan.

Quickest option

Get a $30 rebate and a free .photo domain for a year when you choose our recommended host, Hostpapa

Get ProPhoto

Purchase the ProPhoto software for full control over your website appearance.

Get Hostpapa Hosting

Sign up for a plan with our partners at Hostpapa from your account page.

Get Customizing

Personalize your beautiful ProPhoto design. No WordPress or ProPhoto install required.

Or, use another host



Step 1a: Get a Domain and Hosting Service

ProPhoto works on nearly any web hosting in the world, so use your current address & host, or sign up with our recommended host to receive a $30 rebate.

Domain and Hosting details.

Step 1b: Install WordPress

Almost every web hosting plan offers a simple WordPress installer, so this part is a breeze, too. And, totally free.

Installation details.

Step 1c: Install ProPhoto

Download your ProPhoto purchase from your account page and upload the installer plugin into WordPress - the software will guide you through setup.

Installation details.

All you need is your own domain, a web-hosting account, and a free installation of WordPress.  If you've already got a domain and hosting, you're basically done.  If not, it's easy and inexpensive to get your own little piece of the internet, and we'll walk you through the whole process.

If you already have hosting or want to use a different host, that’s great, too! ProPhoto runs on just about any host in the world, and we’ve got a list of compatible and incompatible hosts you can check as well.



The ProPhoto theme software includes free designs from some of our best designers. Pick the one that most closely matches your vision for your site and customize to make it unique!

Or you can purchase additional premium designs from our store to add into ProPhoto for a different starting point.



Make a few small changes, or take complete control and build a totally custom website design without touching a single line of code.



ProPhoto has built-in tools to let you keep a different theme or different design active while you're customizing.  Then, once you're happy with your design, go live! All that is left is for you to sit back, relax, and focus on what you do best, letting your ProPhoto site work for you.