We offer an array of services to help you get started with your design, from live support, legacy ProPhoto migrations and malware removal.

Basic Malware Removal

Not all malware is pernicious. Some is fairly easy to identify and remove, if you know where to look and are familiar with the WordPress. That’s where we come in. You can hire us to do a first pass on removing malware. We’ll do the dirty work, give you some feedback on what we see and give you some suggestions going forward.

Custom Site Work

Sometimes you just need a pro to help you with some random stuff. We can do that! Before you purchase here contact us to discuss the scope of the work you are proposing. We’ll let you know whether it’s in our wheelhouse or not and about how long it will take.

One on One Live Help

Talk to ProPhoto experts about your website using a video and screen sharing app. Use this time to interact with your questions in real time, get help with the ProPhoto interface or for general consultation related to your website. This service focuses on training to use ProPhoto and WordPress together, as well as troubleshooting common problems facing self-hosted sites. Minimum call time of 30min. 

ProPhoto Design Buildout

Installing ProPhoto add-on design (if applicable).

Setting up all pages and layouts in the customer site exactly like the demo.

Includes creating any additional pages needed that the design does not include by default and removing any default pages from the design that aren’t desired.

Setting up all menu and graphic links on the site to the correct pages and URLs within the customer site.

Updating all default graphics/images and text in the design with images and text as provided by the customer. (This is for all layouts in the design.)

Setting up the contact page form to include all desired fields and ensuring that all submissions are sent in the desired email format.

Setting up the portfolio and gallery pages per the customer’s wishes.

*Customer needs to communicate how many gallery pages are desired and send all images for each of the galleries.

ProPhoto Legacy Design Migration

Recreation of design structure/appearance from ProPhoto 5 or older as a newer ProPhoto 6/7 design. Recreation of navigation menus and links. Setting up a contact form page to replace an old slide-down form.


Changing default colors in design (fonts/graphics). Rearranging of original design layout.


Creating a new ProPhoto design from scratch, or altering an existing ProPhoto design so much that it looks nothing like the original and is totally unique. Performing any custom graphic work. Creating any text copy. Creating new post or page content from scratch.

Site Migration

This service includes a full migration your database and site files. We will also assist* with connecting your domain name, whether that involve a new domain name, pointing DNS records or transferring a domain name from one registrar to another. The goal is for your site to look and function the same (or better) on the new host as it did on the old

*NOTE: Pointing a domain name often involves steps that only the registrant of record can do.

SSL Configuration

What we need to do can vary by setup. The end result will be that your site is displaying properly at the HTTPS protocol and old incoming links, as well as resources are redirecting properly. Many hosts offer a free SSL certificate which we recommend in most cases. Some sites, particularly those selling things, may want to invest in a more advanced (read: secure) certificate. The cost of an SSL certificate is not included in this service.