WordPress 5.0 is Here and ProPhoto is Ready

It’s been a long time in the making, but WordPress 5.0 is here! There’s been a ton of buzz surrounding this update, and you probably have some questions, so let’s dive right in.

Will ProPhoto 7 work with WordPress 5.0?

Yes! Our development team has been hard at work to ensure that ProPhoto 7 is compatible with WordPress 5.0. With ProPhoto 7, your site will continue to function as it does now and you will be able to use the new Gutenberg Editor (more on that in a bit). However, you won’t be able to add ProPhoto galleries or grids into the new editor quite yet. But we will be updating ProPhoto 7 in the very near future (one to two weeks) to make that possible!

What if I use an older version of ProPhoto?

You’re covered. We’ve tested older versions of ProPhoto (including 4, 5, and 6), and sites created with them will still work with WordPress 5.0. You can use the new Gutenberg Editor with any of the older ProPhoto versions; however, you will need to use the WordPress Classic Editor plugin to add or edit any ProPhoto items that you insert into the content of posts and pages.

While older versions will work, now would be a great time to upgrade to ProPhoto 7. 🙂 ProPhoto 7 and WordPress 5.0 are built on the same technology so they work better together–both now and in the future, compared to older ProPhoto versions.

What’s new in WordPress 5.0?

The big change everyone’s talking about is the Gutenberg Editor, which will alter the way you edit pages in WordPress as well as how your plugins and themes interact with WordPress. In a nutshell, the Gutenberg Editor is a block-based editor that lets you build your site’s posts and pages using individual blocks for text, images, videos, buttons, widgets, and more. You’ll be able to drag and drop blocks to rearrange them and have more flexibility and control.

You’ll want to give yourself some time to adjust to this new interface, but don’t worry–if you’re not quite ready to make the switch, you can keep using the Classic Editor by installing the official Classic Editor plugin.

How will ProPhoto 7 integrate with the Gutenberg Editor?

We took the Gutenberg Editor for a test-drive with ProPhoto 7 and we think they complement each other quite nicely. Once we push our soon-to-be released update, you will be able to insert ProPhoto grids and galleries directly into the Gutenberg Editor screen, and you’ll likely have to create fewer page layouts in ProPhoto, since Gutenberg Editor’s blocks and other features let you build more robust pages right within WordPress. So instead of using ProPhoto 7 to create page layouts, you can focus on using it to customize and design the style of your site.

There’s plenty more to say about the updates coming to WordPress, but for now, know that ProPhoto is ready and we’ve got you covered through all the changes.

Share the ProPhoto Love and Earn Cash

ProPhoto users are a pretty passionate bunch. When they discover how easy ProPhoto makes it to create a stunning, custom site–and how our support team is there to help every step of the way–word has a way of spreading. In fact, our customers have told so many of their colleagues and friends about us that we haven’t had to rely much on traditional advertising. Instead, we get to focus on building a great product–and supporting it like crazy. It’s a win-win!

So to say “thanks” for sharing the love, we offer our customers a cash reward for recommending ProPhoto through our ProPhoto Affiliate Program.

Look for this signup button in your account page.

Want to participate? Here’s how it works:

  1. Get your code. Login to your ProPhoto account page and click the “Sign Me Up” button to generate your unique discount code. Once you submit, we’ll link you to a guide with tips on how to use it.  
  2. Get creative. Write a review of ProPhoto on your blog, tell your friends on Facebook, tweet it to the world… this is the fun part! Anyone who follows your link and then buys ProPhoto will get $20 off their purchase, and you’ll earn $10 from us.
  3. Get paid! At the beginning of each month, we’ll send you an email letting you know how many times your code was used, and we’ll deposit any funds you’ve earned directly into your PayPal account. Cha-ching!

Your opinion matters. People want your recommendations, and they trust them. You probably already find yourself telling people about how you created your website, so why not earn a little extra for yourself while you’re at it? 🙂 Lots of our users have even earned back the cost of purchasing ProPhoto many times over this way!

ProPhoto Premium Designs Release for 10/19/18 – No7 & Stockholm

Hard to believe it’s been almost 5 months since ProPhoto 7 released! If you’ve been waiting to upgrade or build your site with ProPhoto 7, it’s time to get on it 🙂 Week in and week out customers are letting us know that they LOVE building and customizing their websites with ProPhoto 7. It gives them the control and flexibility they need, with the power and ease of front-end editing.

And if you’re looking at ProPhoto 7, why not check out the extensive design store? Our network of designers are constantly pushing ProPhoto in new directions, building great looking designs that will set your site apart from the competition. This week we are adding two new designs to the store.

NO7 by The Design Space Co


A clean and modern design, NO7 will help you take your brand out of the past and bring it to the now.

Stockholm by The Blog Stop

Let your images come front and center with Stockholm. This Scandinavian influenced minimal design was created to showcase your amazing photographs.

ProPhoto Premium Design Release for 9/29/18 – Sun Kissed


Last weekend, those of us here in the northern hemisphere had to say goodbye to summer 🙁 But don’t worry, you still have a chance to get Sun Kissed!

Sun Kissed, released today, is our latest ProPhoto 7 add-on design. Mark Brand Boutique did a great job with the design utilizing what ProPhoto 7 has to offer and pushing its limits. This fun and colorful design may be a great way for you to spruce up your site and keep summer rolling. Check it out and all of the other amazing designs in our ProPhoto design store!


Oh and don’t worry, now that autumn is here, we can pumpkin spice all the things 😉


Premium Design Releases for Summer 2018

Hey, did you know that there are tons of amazing, pre-made ProPhoto 7 designs available for sale in our design store? We’ve been so busy with the release of ProPhoto 7 that we fell behind with weekly design announcements here on the blog, sorry about that. 🙁 But now we’re back!

The designers in our network have been hard at work creating incredible designs that harness the power and flexibility of ProPhoto 7, and will help you showcase your work in a beautiful and creative way. Currently, there almost 80 designs to choose from! We don’t have room for them all here, but we did want to show the latest from each designer. There are lot more to check out, so make sure you visit the store!

Free Fall by The Blog Stop:

Hawthorne by Swoone:

Highland by Northfolk:

Luxe Brand Collective: Classic by Jane Johnson Design:

Sol by La Lune Creative:

Influence by Mark Brand Boutique:


Meet Monday by The Blog Stop:

Elizabeth Marie by The Flying Muse:

Provence by The Design Space Co:

Sofia by Seaside Creative:

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