Affiliate Program


To receive your own affiliate code, login to your ProPhoto account page. At the bottom, in the Affiliate Program area, click the “Sign Me Up” button.


After you have clicked to receive an affiliate code, you will see it listed in your account page, along with a unique link URL that you can share.

We recommend that if you are going to talk about ProPhoto on your own site or discuss on the web, that you use the unique URL link. That way if anyone clicks your link, they will get cookied into our site with your unique discount code automatically applied. So if they choose to purchase right away (or even later), the discount code will already be entered into their cart and applied.


We love our customers! You all are an amazing group of people to serve, and we sincerely thank you for your business all these years. Your feedback and input is what drives the development of ProPhoto into great new places. And it’s because of you that we try to provide the best support possible.

So we thought, instead of paying other companies to market ProPhoto, why not pay you instead? Let’s face it, you know ProPhoto better than anyone else and what it helps do for your business! And since many of you are already sharing ProPhoto with your friends and colleagues, we’d like to reward your efforts.

The ProPhoto Affiliate Program allows you to generate a unique affiliate discount code. This code will give any user a $20 discount off a new ProPhoto license purchase. And each time your code is used, you will earn $10. (Who doesn’t like passive income?)


If you signed up under ProPhoto’s old “Quickbuck” program, you do not need to sign up again for the current ProPhoto Affiliate program. Your old Quickbuck code will automatically convert over to an Affiliate Discount code and will provide the same $20 discount/$10 earning per singup benefit.

So if you had a Quickbuck code, you don’t have to do anything! Just keep sharing your code and earn more money than you did before. We told you, we love our customers!


Affiliate discount codes will only work for new ProPhoto license purchases. They can not be used for ProPhoto license upgrades, add-on designs sold in our store, expert installation services or footer link removal keys.

Code usage will be tracked on a monthly basis, with payments made on the first day of the following month. So for example, let’s say your code is used 7 times during the month of November, you will receive a $70 payment on December 1. Payments will be made via PayPal to whatever e-mail is set as the “Payment Email” in your ProPhoto account page:

The ProPhoto affiliate program is only available to ProPhoto customers.

We reserve the right to revoke anyone’s affiliate code at any time if we believe it is being used in manner contrary to the “spirit” of the program’s intentions.