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Converting your website to ProPhoto 7 catapults website design into the future with front-end editing so you can keep your site fresh, relevant, and usable for your clients and fans.


Special pricing through the end of May


New customers and returning users of ProPhoto 4 
ProPhoto 3 and earlier*


Special pricing through the end of May

Returning ProPhoto 5 or 6 customers

*through the end of May, ProPhoto 4 customers
also qualify for this special pricing!



Personalize any page layout directly while you view it on your site with the new Visual Builder experience, among several other improvements:

Feature ProPhoto 6 ProPhoto 7
Import designs from ProPhoto 6
Customize designs privately
Responsive page layouts
Custom photo galleries and slideshows
Full width backgrounds, galleries, and videos
Customize layouts directly on the front-end
Undo/Redo before saving
Improved layout assignment
"View Mode" at different screen widths
Reusable layout blocks
Reusable grid styles
Create new galleries within a layout
Linked spacing and padding controls
Multi-select & edit layout elements

... and loads more

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Designs from older versions of ProPhoto 5 and earlier cannot be used in ProPhoto 7, but new designs can be created in test-drive mode while leaving your old theme visible to the public while you work.

Previous versions of ProPhoto can integrate with the WPML plugin for traslating your website into more than one language.

If you currently rely on the WPML plugin, please be aware that you will be able to use WPML and ProPhoto 7 normally, but the plugin cannot yet translate text added in a ProPhoto 7 layout.
(menu items, text widgets, tiles with text layers, etc.)

Our developers will be adding support for WPML String Translation in the future, so you may want to wait before switching to ProPhoto 7 if you rely on this tool today.

If you are a user of our Proofing software, be aware that this plugin is designed to work with ProPhoto 5 and 6 only. You will be unable to use the Proofing plugin in ProPhoto 7.

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