Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase ProPhoto for the first time, get it installed, start kicking the tires and don’t like it, just ask us for a refund and we’ll send you your money back.

The spirit of our guarantee is to give you ample time (180 days) to get familiar with WordPress and ProPhoto, and get setup the way you like. The time you need to make a decision can vary, depending on whether you are a WordPress pro or website newbie.  You need a good chunk of time to go for a proper test drive, especially if you need to work slowly, view a lot of tutorials or ask a lot of questions. So we give it to you!

How it Works:

All you need to do is shoot us an email at using the contact us link in our menu and let us know you want your money back, and why. (We want to know “why” not so we can argue with you, but so that we can keep improving our product.) You delete the software from your computer and web server, and we refund your money. Easy as that.

In the last few years of working with customers who’ve tried ProPhoto, an extremely low percentage of people have requested their money back. And nearly every one of those ended up being people who loved the theme, but had some sort of technical issue with their web server.

The end result is that you can rest assured knowing there’s really no risk in buying our software. We’re totally confident you’re going to love it. We get emails on a daily basis that say some variation of “best money I’ve spent on my business in a long time, thanks.”


Hopefully it’s obvious, but if you were pleased with your ProPhoto site for a while, but now you’ve found something else to replace it, that is not a reason to request a refund. Since our software is a one-time fee, all you need to do is stop using it to move on to something else.

We can not issue refunds after 180 days from the original date of purchase. It’s not because we’re stingy, it’s simply because our payment processor is unable to generate refunds after that time frame.

Refunds can not be provided for our Expert Installation services. If you purchase the Expert Installation option, you are paying for our time to install WordPress, ProPhoto and an add-on design for you. We will certainly refund you for ProPhoto itself, if you decide it won’t work for you. But there isn’t a way for us to get back the lost time we spent on the Expert Installation services.

Our refund policy also does not apply to the add-on designs sold in our store.  These designs are all created by 3rd party designers and because they spend so much time on these designs, we need to protect their hard work.

We are unable to refund any discounts or rebates that have already been applied. (e.g., a hosting rebate)

See additional policy details in the ProPhoto EULA.