• Can I use ProPhoto to edit a WordPress theme?

    No, stand-alone themes for WordPress cannot be edited using the ProPhoto software. Instead, ProPhoto works with designs which are created by the software.
    Edit a free design, or buy a premium design to personalize – every aspect of a ProPhoto design can be tweaked or completely overhauled for the perfect look and layout.

  • Can I use old designs in ProPhoto 6?

    No, the newer ProPhoto 6 software cannot import or edit designs from ProPhoto 5, ProPhoto 4, or other older versions. The responsive nature of the newer version is totally new and will only work with newer designs. Test Drive mode has been added to make it easy to work on a new design privately while leaving an old design visible to visitors.

    Existing blog posts, pages, and galleries will all continue to work when switching to version 6 from version 5 or 4.

  • Can I create a website, a blog, or both with your designs?

    WordPress and ProPhoto can be used to create a website + blog in-one, regardless of which ProPhoto Design is used. After installing an add-on design, all of ProPhoto’s gallery, static page, and blog options are still available to you.

  • Is it Mac and/or PC compatible?

    WordPress is totally platform independent, because it’s not even installed on your computer. The software gets installed on your web host’s webserver. All you need to administrate your blog is a web browser.

    During installation (if you’re doing it yourself) you might need an FTP program, but these are available for Mac or PC for free, and most webhosts have a one-click web-based installer, so even that’s not usually necessary.

    The only real requirement is that your web host’s webserver support PHP 5.3.6+ and mySQL, which nearly all webservers do.

  • Can I install ProPhoto more than once, for different websites/blogs?

    The End User License Agreement (EULA) permits up to two (2) installations of the theme, provided they are not for two separate money-making ventures. So if they are for the same business, or one is purely personal and associated with the owner of the business, you may just install it again, you need not purchase again. But, if it is for two businesses, or you want to install more than twice for any reason, you need to purchase again.

    Note: if you purchase the “Handheld” package where we handle the installation, the theme may be used a second time without additional payment, but you will have to install the second instance yourself. If you want us to install the second instance, we have to redo all the “Handheld” labor, so you would need to pay just the “Upgrade to Handheld” fee of $80 to cover the labor costs for the second installation.

  • If I buy, can I import my old blog?

    Yes, if it is a blog in a format that WordPress has a built-in importer for. That includes Blogger (blogspot), TypePad, MoveableType, and WordPress.com blogs. For a detailed tutorial on how to import your blog click here.

  • Can I get a quote on a custom site design for my business?

    We don’t provide any customization services for our customers. Instead we’ve focused on making ProPhoto as flexible and intuitive as possible so that anyone can create a fantastic looking blog on their own. If you would really like help with a custom blog design, we do have a network of excellent designers that work specifically with ProPhoto. You can contact them at the addresses below to get more information:

  • Does my webhost work with your product?

    The short answer is, almost definitely yes.  ProPhoto runs on WordPress, which powers more than 25% of the internet, so almost every webhost supports it.  However, there are a few hosts that don’t work, and a few that we advise against, so for more information, click here.

  • What do I need in order to use ProPhoto?

    • A valid domain that you own (not a blogspot.com or wordpress.com sub-domain)
    • Your own webhosting account that supports WordPress installations (on a Linux server, not Windows)
    • Check out our getting started steps here
  • Is it a one-time payment? Or are there any recurring, regular fees?

    One time fee, no further payments.

    From time to time (usually around once every 1-2 years) we release a major version release update to the theme, for which there will be upgrade charges if you choose to upgrade, but upgrading is not mandatory by any means.

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