• Can I use ProPhoto to edit a WordPress theme?

    No, stand-alone WordPress themes cannot be edited using the ProPhoto software. Instead, ProPhoto works with designs which are created by the software.

    Edit a free design, or buy a premium design to personalize – every aspect of ProPhoto designs can be tweaked or completely overhauled for the perfect look and layout.

  • Can I use old designs in ProPhoto 7?

    ProPhoto 7 cannot import or edit designs from ProPhoto 5, ProPhoto 4, or other older versions, but it can import ProPhoto 6 designs already used on your site.

    Test-Drive mode can be used to work on a ProPhoto 7 design privately while leaving an old design for visitors.

    Existing blog posts, pages, and galleries will all continue to work when switching from version 6, 5 or 4.

  • Can I create a website, a blog, or both with your designs?

    Yes, you can use WordPress and ProPhoto to create a website, blog, or everything in one regardless of which ProPhoto design you use.

  • Can I use a Mac or PC?

    Yes, you can use any computer because WordPress and ProPhoto are installed on a web server. You will login to your website online and do everything in a web browser.

  • Can I install ProPhoto more than once for different websites or blogs?

    Yes, the EULA allows up to two (2) installations of each ProPhoto license if they are not two separate money-making websites. For examples of what this means, see our license policy page.

    Note: you may purchase our installation services separately for each website setup you need.

  • Can I import my old blog?

    Yes, it is possible to import a blog if WordPress has a built-in importer. That includes Blogger (blogspot), TypePad, MoveableType, and WordPress.com blogs, among others. See a detailed import tutorial on how to import your blog.

  • Can I get a quote on a custom site design for my business?

    If you are looking for some basic design buildout work, that is an additional paid service that we offer to our customers. However, if you are wanting a more custom design, we do have a network of excellent designers that work specifically with ProPhoto. You can contact them at the addresses below to get more information:

  • Does my webhost work with ProPhoto?

    The short answer is: almost definitely, yes. ProPhoto runs on WordPress, which powers almost 30% of the internet, so almost every web host can be used. However, there are a few hosts that may not work, and a few that we advise against.

    For more information, see our compatible and incompatible hosts page.

  • What do I need in order to use ProPhoto?

    • A website domain address (not a blogspot.com or wordpress.com subdomain)
    • A website hosting plan that supports WordPress installations
    • A ProPhoto license

    Check out our getting started steps for more information.

  • Is it a one-time payment? Or are there any recurring fees?

    One time fee, no further payments.

    From time to time (usually around once every 12-24 months) we release a new version which returning customers can buy at a discounted price, but is not mandatory.