Design Refund Policy

Unlike our ProPhoto theme, we do not give refunds on add-on designs. This is to help protect the rights of the designers who spend many hours creating the designs. Make sure you have carefully evaluated the demo site for the design before purchasing.


The designs you see in our design store were not created by us, they were created by independent small business owners like you. Within the first year or so of selling premium designs, we found that a certain percentage of our users were liberally purchasing designs and then asking for refunds, as a way of trying out the designs. The problem with this is that it is very hard for us to verify that you’ve deleted the design and are not using any of the additional resources that came with your download. And during the experimental period, we found that a large load of support and administration was created for us and our designers.

Any exceptions?

The only exception we make is that if you purchase ProPhoto and a design, and decide not to use ProPhoto and ask for a refund, in that case we will also refund (at 100%) the accompanying design purchase. But, if you’re not also getting a refund for ProPhoto, we don’t support refunds for designs.