What's New in ProPhoto4

ProPhoto4 has been out since September 27 of last year, but today is the first day we’re officially notifying those who are still using P3 (or even the few still on P2) that they can and should upgrade.

Part of our official roll-out of P4 is a new video showing off some of what’s in P4.

If you’re interested in a more detailed list of new features and functionality, see the bottom of this post.

If you haven’t upgraded and want to do so, look for an update notice in your P3 admin area, or click here to go to our upgrade page.

Lindsey BamberJanuary 5, 2012 - 6:34 pm

How much do I love ProPhoto….Let me count they ways! 🙂 Excited about the blog!

laurie cJanuary 5, 2012 - 6:36 pm

so i won a pro photo site a few months ago but i was waaayyy too over whelmed to set it up. i knew it would be jan before i could start can i say i soooo excited after seeing your post!! here’s to hoping i can make it work 🙂

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