Welcome to our Blog + New Tour Video

Today we’re officially launching our very own blog.  We’re starting this because we realized that there was a lot of information we wanted to communicate in a format longer and more permanent than Facebook or Twitter, but not important enough to require an email. In the weeks and months to come, some of the sorts of things you can expect to see here on the blog include:

  1. explanations of what’s in each ProPhoto auto-update
  2. news about upcoming features and releases
  3. important compatibility information about upcoming WordPress versions
  4. polls where we can ask you what features to work on
  5. customer features where we show you a great-looking ProPhoto site and talk about how it was created
  6. critical support issues that may come up
  7. pictures of kittens and unicorns

New Video Tour

In other news, today we’re officially retiring our old P3-centric video tour and replacing it with an updated one that shows off what is current in P4.  If you want to take a look, here it is:

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