Recent updates and patches for ProPhoto 7

As long-time ProPhoto customers may recall, our blog had previously been focused on announcing new designs added to the premium design store and new features added to ProPhoto. But recently we have chosen to put more interesting content here on the blog and moved software update details to our ProPhoto 7 changelog.

However, so many great improvements have come to ProPhoto over the last few months that we thought now is a good time to catch you up – whether you’ve been using ProPhoto 7 for months or you just got started.

ProPhoto 4 and 5 gallery import

Due to the huge shift in technology, it isn’t possible to import designs into ProPhoto 7 from the older versions 4 or 5. But what if you have been blogging and using and older ProPhoto for years? You probably have lots of photo galleries created in the old software that you don’t want to lose or recreate. Starting in ProPhoto 7.7.3 rolling out now, you are able to import old galleries that were created in ProPhoto 4 or 5. Visit the Galleries > Import screen in the WordPress dashboard and click to import old galleries.

After galleries are imported into ProPhoto 7 you have the option to insert or use the old galleries in any pages where your previous version appears.

Default font styles

Set up your preferred font style to use for menu links, body/paragraph text, heading 1, heading 2, etc. Your selections help save time when working with the WordPress content module or with the text module so choosing font styles is only necessary when you wish to override which fonts are used by default. Visit the “Font Styles > Defaults” area in the ProPhoto 7 system to choose the defaults for your design.

Text module enhancements

In earlier versions of ProPhoto 7 your text module could be one type of text at a time, e.g. a Heading 1 text type with a specific font style applied. ProPhoto 7.7.0 and later allow you to mix text types within a single text module so you can have headings and paragraphs in the same block of text. It is also possible to apply bold and italic styling within a text module just like other text editors.

ProPhoto gallery and grid blocks for WordPress 5

If you have been waiting to upgrade WordPress to version 5, or if you have been using the Classic Editor plugin to roll back to the old workflow, you can switch to the modern WP block editor! ProPhoto 7.6.0 adds new “Gutenberg” support with the ProPhoto Gallery block and the ProPhoto Grid block.

Module animations

ProPhoto 6 introduced the feature to slide in or fade in parts of your page layout as you scroll down the page, but our developers needed some extra time to incorporate this feature into the newer software. Animations are supported again in ProPhoto 7.4.0 or later. If you imported a design from ProPhoto 6, you may have noticed this update caused your old animations to begin working again. But if you haven’t tried using animations in your design, you’ll now find controls in the new Animate tab of a module settings popup.

WooCommerce support

The popular WooCommerce plugin helps you sell your services or products on your website and creates several new types of pages in WordPress. Pages like Shop or Cart or individual product pages may need special ProPhoto layouts applied to help match your branding and style, so ProPhoto 7.3.0 and later allow you to set specific ProPhoto layouts to special WooCommerce page types to help you achieve an improved appearance.

As our loyal customers know, the ProPhoto team works hard to improve and evolve ProPhoto for everyone even after launch. We hope that these new features and improvements help you succeed at running your business online with a beautiful, custom website design.

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