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ProPhoto 6.10.0


Today we’re pushing another auto-update with new features to ProPhoto 6, version 6.10.0. This release is packed full of features, enhancements and bugfixes, including:

  • Custom tiles or images for form submit buttons
  • Opacity support for all color customizations
  • Column borders
  • Customization inheritance breadcrumbs and tooltip links
  • Grid enhancements
  • Usability improvements and bugfixes

Custom form submit button

Yet again, we’re adding new functionality to our forms features, this time, the ability to override the default submit button with a custom tile or image. Every form now has a unique submit button field:


The submit button can be plain text, or a “graphic” — meaning an image or custom tile:


Opacity support for all colors

ProPhoto 6.10.0 also enhances every single area where you can select a color in the admin customizer, adding opacity control to create semi-transparent colors, plus an all-new UI that is more flexible selecting colors:


Column border options

Also in 6.10.0 we’ve added customization options for column borders:


Usability improvements

This release has a bunch of helpful usability improvements as well, too many to list in detail in the blog post. A couple we’re excited about are all new breadcrumbs in customization popups so you always know where you’re customizing, and make it easier to link to various levels of customization:


Also, settings that are inheriting from more general levels now show a more descriptive tooltip containing a link to get straight to the setting’s source value:


And, when an entire customization group is locked because it is sharing settings from it’s parent template and has not yet been modified, we now do a much better job conveying the “read-only” state of the customizations until they are unlocked:


And a bunch more…

This release has a bunch of other stuff, including some highly upvoted grid enhancements and a decent number of bugfixes. If you want to get all the gory details, as usual, it’s all in the changelog.

This release finishes about half of the tickets from the milestone Miriam, and we’re feeling really good about finishing that milestone at or ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, we’re still not quite done with Pinterest individual image pinning, because we ran into some more technical and scheduling hurdles and needed to regroup and take a fresh approach. The good news is that feature seems to be back on track and should be completed in the very near future.

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