Proofing Waitlist Removed

This is just a quick update to let you know that we’ve disabled the proofing plugin waitlist, so for the time being anyone can purchase the beta version of the proofing plugin without waiting.  We decided the rate of purchases and relative stability of the plugin were such that we no longer need to limit the number of purchasers.  It’s possible, but unlikely, that we might turn the waitlist back on if a scenario evolves to where we feel it would be in out customers best interest again.

To give you a brief update on some of the features that are coming very soon to the plugin — we’re currently about 2 development days away from updating the plugin with a fairly flexible and sophisticated ability to handle shipping costs.  After that, we plan to release a tax functionality, about a week later.  After taxes, we’ll do an initial pass at implementing discount codes and coupons.  Then, after those features are complete, we’re going to spend 2-3 weeks adding purchasing and handling digital downloads. After that, there are still about a dozen small to medium sized features we are going to add, but those are the big ones that are coming soon. So, our very tentative and subject-to-change development roadmap is:

  • Shipping – May 26
  • Taxes – June 2
  • Discount codes & coupons – June 9
  • Digital downloads – June 30

Thanks to everyone who has purchased so far. We’re working as hard as we can to make this a great product that will make your lives easier and your business more profitable. Your participation and patience during this beta period is a big help!

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