Proofing Plugin Public Beta

Today we’re pleased to announce that the ProPhoto Proofing plugin add-on module is available for sale in limited numbers. The official, full-scale launch is still forthcoming, tentatively planned for July 15, 2014.

a few screenshots of the proofing plugin

a few screenshots of the proofing plugin

Public Beta

This pre-launch marks the beginning of what we’re calling our “public beta” period. That means the plugin is mostly functional and ready, but still is being rapidly developed. We’re busy adding documentation, fixing small bugs, refining existing features, and still have a few moderately-sized new features to add before the public launch. So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the proofing plugin and don’t mind some missing tutorials, a few small hiccups, or waiting a bit for the final features to be added, you can now purchase and start using the plugin.

How to purchase:

To purchase, just head over to and click the tab labeled Proofing Plugin. On that page you’ll be able to enter your email address to be added to the waiting list (more on that below). The full, regular price for the plugin will be $199, but for those purchasing during the beta period, the price will be discounted 10% to $179.

Limited quantities:

We’re going to start the public beta period by only permitting 10 new purchases per day. To make that work, everyone who wants to purchase will add their email addresses to a waiting list we will notify by email you when you can purchase. As the plugin becomes even more stable and documentation improves, we’ll increase the number permitted to purchase each day until ultimately there will be no restriction.

More info:

If you’re curious and want to see more screenshot, a glimpse of the functionality, etc, the only thing we have currently are some beta tutorial videos. If you want to see those, check out this tutorial. Soon we’ll have some marketing materials showing of the features in a more polished way.

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