ProPhoto 6.12.0


This week we’re pushing out yet another free feature update for ProPhoto 6. This update, version 6.12.0, is focused on mobile menu toggle icon (hamburger) customization, and grid enhancements.

  • Optionally use a tile for mobile menu toggle icon
  • Custom grid item fallback images
  • Grid item and overall background images
  • Vertical text alignment for rollover grids
  • Post grid item text length control
  • Category “featured images” for category grids

Tiles for mobile menu toggle icon

Starting in 6.12.0, you can now use a ProPhoto Tile as your mobile menu toggle icon. The mobile menu toggle icon (often referred to as a “hamburger icon”) is the graphic clicked to toggle the visibility of your mobile menu:


To facilitate supporting tiles for the mobile menu toggle, we made some pretty big changes and improvements to the tile editor. First, we changed it so that the tile hover state now automatically inherits all of the layer’s customizations from the default state, allowing you to modify only what you want different on the hover state, without recreating the base appearance of the tile layer.


Next, we also added a third state, active, to the tile editor, in addition to default and hover.


The active state is displayed after the icon is clicked, and the mobile menu is in the open position.

menu toggle graphic in "active" state, when menu open

menu toggle graphic in “active” state, when menu open

The active state is currently only leveraged by the mobile menu toggle, but we have plans to incorporate this state into future features and enhancements, including allowing you to set tiles for menu items that have a special active state when the url being visited is the url of the menu item. Stay tuned for more on that.

All of our free included designs now start with a tile that looks and behaves exactly the same as it always has, but is a tile:


This should make it really easy for you to start customizing your mobile toggle icon using the default hamburger tile as a base.


Grid enhancements

Also in 6.12.0 are a bunch more grid customization enhancements.

Custom grid item fallback images

Prior to this release, grid items where no image could be found displayed a default fallback image:

default fallback image highlighted in orange

default fallback image highlighted in orange

Now, you can upload your own custom fallback image for each style, and override them for different templates, giving you a ton of flexibility.


Rollover-style vertical text alignment

Next, you can now set the vertical alignment of text for rollover style grids:


note the vertically centered rollover text

note the vertically centered rollover text

Grid & grid item background images

Grid backgrounds becoming more flexible in 6.12.0, by adding options for background images for both grid items, and background color and image options for entire grids. These options are now available for both grid types, text-below and rollover.

Grid per-item background images can be applied to both styles:

paisley background image applied to "text-below" style grid items

paisley background image applied to “text-below” style grid items

paisley background image applied to "rollover" style overlay

paisley background image applied to “rollover” style overlay

And both styles also now support background color and background image for the whole grid itself. The grid background is usually only visible in the space between items created by a gutter larger than zero. This will allow you to create some cool effects, both with solid colors, and images:

solid color for grid background

solid color for grid background

background image for whole grid background

background image for whole grid background

Post excerpt text length control

P6 now supports custom per-grid controls for setting the length in characters of post excerpt text used in grid items.


Category featured images

For Category grids, you can now specify featured images that will be used as the grid item image for that category. The upload area is found in “ProPhoto Settings” > “Grids”:


And more…

This release also includes a handful of bugfixes, so, as always you can read all the gory details on the changelog. This release completes our milestone “Miriam”, and we’ll next turn our attention to milestone “Ezra”.

New ProPhoto 6 designs in our store


It’s been a while since we’ve announced new design releases, but our designers have been churning out some amazing work over the last few months, and we have over 50 ProPhoto 6 designs in our store right now.  Here are just a few of the recent additions:

Ivory by La Lune Creative

Noah by Swoone

Homer by Northfolk

Flora 6 by The Design Space Co

Slant by Petite Collective

Amour 6 by Dawn Alderman Design

ProPhoto 6.11.0


Today we’re pushing another auto-update with new features to ProPhoto 6, version 6.11.0. This release includes several new features and enhancements, including:

  • Pinterest pinning of individual content images
  • Toggle visibility of nested items in mobile/vertical menu
  • Allow aligning mobile menu and hamburger icon to the right
  • Re-enable fixed Pinterest “pin site image” Call to Action item
  • Allow WPML translating of menu item urls and graphic widget urls

Pinterest individual image pinning

Now in 6.11.0 you can enable the option to allow Pinterest pinning of individual content images. You can set an overlay background color and opacity, choose from a default pinit image, or use a custom image or tile, plus tweak alignment and spacing.


Hovering over an image to pin it might look something like this:


And clicking to “pin” pops up a window to pin the image to Pinterest:


The pinning options allow fine-grained control at responsive breakpoints, so you can do things like disable the hover-to-show effect for devices like phones:


Menu item visibility toggling

Also new in 6.11.0, you can now choose to set either your mobile or vertical menus to collapse nested sub-menus:


If you choose to do so, nested sub-items start out collapsed, with an icon indicating that a click or touch will reveal the additional items:



And more

6.11.0 also allows you to align the mobile menu and hamburger icon to the right, if you want:


Plus, we’ve re-enabled the “pin any site image” Call to Action item, and added some WPML translation options for menu and widget urls. For all the rest of the gory details, as always, see the changelog.

This release brings milestone “Miriam” to about 60% completion, but this is a hair misleading, we’re mostly done with almost everything else on the list, and expect to complete Miriam very close to on schedule. The next release should include a big change to customizability of the mobile hamburger icon, plus a bunch of grid enhancements, so stay tuned!

ProPhoto 6.10.0


Today we’re pushing another auto-update with new features to ProPhoto 6, version 6.10.0. This release is packed full of features, enhancements and bugfixes, including:

  • Custom tiles or images for form submit buttons
  • Opacity support for all color customizations
  • Column borders
  • Customization inheritance breadcrumbs and tooltip links
  • Grid enhancements
  • Usability improvements and bugfixes

Custom form submit button

Yet again, we’re adding new functionality to our forms features, this time, the ability to override the default submit button with a custom tile or image. Every form now has a unique submit button field:


The submit button can be plain text, or a “graphic” — meaning an image or custom tile:


Opacity support for all colors

ProPhoto 6.10.0 also enhances every single area where you can select a color in the admin customizer, adding opacity control to create semi-transparent colors, plus an all-new UI that is more flexible selecting colors:


Column border options

Also in 6.10.0 we’ve added customization options for column borders:


Usability improvements

This release has a bunch of helpful usability improvements as well, too many to list in detail in the blog post. A couple we’re excited about are all new breadcrumbs in customization popups so you always know where you’re customizing, and make it easier to link to various levels of customization:


Also, settings that are inheriting from more general levels now show a more descriptive tooltip containing a link to get straight to the setting’s source value:


And, when an entire customization group is locked because it is sharing settings from it’s parent template and has not yet been modified, we now do a much better job conveying the “read-only” state of the customizations until they are unlocked:


And a bunch more…

This release has a bunch of other stuff, including some highly upvoted grid enhancements and a decent number of bugfixes. If you want to get all the gory details, as usual, it’s all in the changelog.

This release finishes about half of the tickets from the milestone Miriam, and we’re feeling really good about finishing that milestone at or ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, we’re still not quite done with Pinterest individual image pinning, because we ran into some more technical and scheduling hurdles and needed to regroup and take a fresh approach. The good news is that feature seems to be back on track and should be completed in the very near future.

ProPhoto 6.9.0


Today we’re pushing another auto-update with new features to ProPhoto 6, version 6.9.0. This version has two main new features:

  • WPML multi-language plugin support
  • Form multiple choice (radio) and dropdown select fields

WPML Support

As of 6.9.0, P6 now supports the WMPL Multi-language plugin. P6 and WordPress have always supported having your site in any language you want, WMPL support is specifically for having one WordPress/ProPhoto site serve multiple languages at once.

ProPhoto gives you the ability to translate loads of stuff into multiple languages, including tile text layers, call-to-action items, menu items, form elements, grids, and more.


My high-school German is rusty, but you get the idea:


We’ve tested this pretty thoroughly, but it’s possible we missed something, so if you’ve been waiting for WPML support, kick the tires and let us know how it’s working for you!


Form multiple choice

Also in 6.9.0 we’ve added two new form field types for multiple choice form options:


Both types function similarly, allowing you to specify as many custom choices as you like:


The multiple-choice (radio) type displays in the familiar radio-button format:


While the dropdown select displays as a dropdown form field, and allows you to designate that the user must make a selection:


More info…

As always, if you want even more detail, you can review the official changelog here.

With this release milestone Lizzie is 91% complete, with only Pinterest individual image pinning remaining. We had hoped to have that feature in 6.9.0 as well, but hit a few technical hurdles. Pinterest individual image pinning should be less than a week away we hope, so just a few more days needed there.

This week we’ll also begin working on features and enhancements from our next milestone, Miriam, which includes loads of good stuff.

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