ProPhoto 6.14.0



Today we’re pushing out another free feature update to ProPhoto, version 6.14.0. This is a pretty big update, and includes a major feature our users have been asking for for a long time — the ability to customize and preview a “non-live” design. Plus, a really great gallery usability enhancement, and more:

  • Preview and customize a different design from what your site visitors see
  • New free included design: Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode
  • Embedded galleries now displayed as an interactive visual graphic element
  • New controls for managing visibility of gallery permalink page titles and dates
  • A new notifications system built into the ProPhoto bar
  • Totally redesigned “Manage Designs” screen with improved usability

Working on a non-live design

Probably the biggest feature in this release is a new ability to preview and customize a design different from what is showing to your site visitors. We’re really excited about this feature — it’s been a long-standing request from our customers, and is another good fruit of the deep foundational work we did re-building ProPhoto for version 6.

Starting in 6.14.0, your Manage Designs screen now has some new terminology. First, you’ll see that you now are shown what used to be called your Active design, as your Live design — this is the design being shown to your site visitors:


Then, if you want to keep showing this live design to site visitors while you work on getting a new or modified design ready, you can now click the green Customize button on any of your other designs:


Clicking this button will make this your Customizing Design — that is, the design that you only are customizing and previewing:


This means that you can comfortably tweak and experiment with a new P6 design without any of your changes being “live” for your site visitors. Only you, as the logged-in admin, will see the design you’re working on. Then, if you like the work you’ve done, a single click on your Customizing design can make it the new live design:


When you’re working on a design that is not the live design, we’ve added a little visual cue to help remind you that you’re seeing a different design from what your site visitors are seeing — we turned the toggle button of the ProPhoto bar the same green as the customizing design uses in the Manage designs screen:


When the ProPhoto bar is maximized, you’ll also see another new feature in 6.14.0: a display of your current design (green if you’re previewing a non-live design) with the ability to easily switch which design you’re customizing:



We’ve also added the same design switcher to the main customizer admin screen:


Redesigned Manage Designs Page

You probably noticed from the above screenshots, but in order to support the new features in this update the Manage Designs screen got a complete visual overhaul, including a number of subtle but important usability improvements.


New design: Coming Soon

The ability to work on non-live designs opens up a ton of cool possibilities — including the ability to use a simple P6 design as a coming soon or under construction placeholder. P4 and P5 had a feature of being able to show some simple text as an “under construction/maintenance” mode. This feature effectively hid your site while you were working.

But, now with ProPhoto 6.14.0 you can have a customizable placeholder design instead that includes individualized graphics, links, fonts, and text.

To make this even easier, we designed and included a simple “Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode” design for P6, it looks like this:



This design is meant to be used with our new customizing non-live design feature — the idea is to show this design to your site visitors as a placeholder while you work on your real P6 design.

The design itself is simple. With a few clicks you can make it your own, by swapping out the background image and text:


One important note: feel free to customize the “Coming Soon” design, but don’t use it as the basis of building your permanent design. You shouldn’t do this because the Coming Soon design includes some code to hide all of your site content, so that every page only shows the coming soon message.

Embedded Galleries

Another big piece of 6.14.0 is a drastically improved UI for interacting with embedded P6 galleries. ProPhoto 6 allows you to embed any P6 gallery within a post or page. Before 6.14.0, when you embedded a gallery, you would always see the raw shortcode, like this:


This worked fine, but was not very easy to edit or delete. And if you came back to your post or page after a while, it was really easy to forget what gallery you had embedded.

In 6.14.0, we’ve replaced the shortcode in visual mode with a rich interactive element, as shown here:


It displays the galleries first image, links to view and edit the gallery, and also the selected gallery style.

Click on the element to show the edit/delete buttons:


Gallery permalink page controls

Also in this release, we’ve added some requested controls for designating what portions of the post header appear for P6 gallery permalink pages. These new controls are found in the customizer in the Templates > Gallery section. You can now control whether your gallery permalink pages show the gallery title and date:


By default, gallery titles are shown, and dates are hidden. Because these are template-level controls, you can dial in the appearance of these items in one place (at the base template), or get more fine-grained and modify the behavior for various templates.

ProPhoto Bar Notifications

One other thing we added to support the new features in this release was a simple notification system built into the front-end ProPhoto bar. Here’s an example of the new notifications:


We’re hoping the notification system will allow us to draw your attention to new features and important facts without getting in your way.

And more…

As always, there’s more gory details on the changelog. This release finishes more than half of our Ezra milestone, and one ticket of the next milestone. More info here on our roadmap.

A quick note on timing of our next few milestones — we’re going to temporarily slow down on releasing new features for P6 while we take some time re-building our own site using P6. So the rest of Ezra and Sebastian will be later than originally anticipated.

Galleries in ProPhoto 6


ProPhoto has always made it easy to create beautiful, personalized galleries of your photos. But many users wanted a super gallery that could combine options from slideshow style, slider style, and lightbox style. Previously, users needed to choose one gallery style for each photo gallery, missing out on options offered in another gallery style. Until now.


auto-play slideshow gallery featuring next/previous arrows, full-screen button & thumbnail strip

ProPhoto 6 improves galleries to make them much more flexible, allowing you to create custom gallery style presets using any gallery option. Do you need a gallery that automatically plays like a slideshow, but also with previous/next arrow controls found on a slider gallery type? Or maybe you need a thumbnail grid which has a slideshow play button? You can mix-and-match different gallery options for the appearance and behavior you want.

A) thumbnail grid with B) full-window image view and C) thumbnail strip

A) thumbnail grid with B) full-window image view and C) thumbnail strip

Site-wide or per-gallery control

You can apply a gallery style to all galleries on your site, or individually to specific galleries you create so the possibilities are endless. Check out this page for a few interactive examples of what you can create:

View example galleries


Get the new ProPhoto 6 software

If you want super flexible gallery style that you can use on your site, you can buy ProPhoto 6 to get started. And if you already use ProPhoto 4 or ProPhoto 5 we’ll give you a special price as a returning user.

Give your photo galleries premium focus on your website with ProPhoto 6.

ProPhoto 6.13.0


This week we’re pushing out yet another free feature update for ProPhoto 6. This update, version 6.13.0, is focused on Instagram integration in the form of a new Instagram grid type, support tooling, and bugfixes.

  • Instagram feed responsive grid
  • Bugfixes

Instagram Grids

New in 6.13.0 is a new grid type, which allows you to display your Instagram feed in a responsive grid. Anywhere you can insert a grid, you can now choose the new Instagram type:


Your Instagram feed will supply the grid with it’s images, and your captions will become the grid text.

my instagram feed is lame, but you get the idea

my instagram feed is lame, but you get the idea

In order to use the Instagram grid type, you’ll need to first give permission to ProPhoto to access your feed. You do this in the “ProPhoto” > “Settings” > “Social Media” area:


Note: one limitation of Instagram is that they never allow access to any image files larger than 640px, so the sizing of your Instagram grid should be kept a ways under this amount for best results.

More info:

As always, all the gory details are on the changelog, if you’re interested. Next up for us, we’re already working on more items from the Ezra milestone, including allowing you to customize and preview inactive designs, a better UI for embedded galleries, and easy control over gallery permalink page titles and dates.

ProPhoto 6.12.0


This week we’re pushing out yet another free feature update for ProPhoto 6. This update, version 6.12.0, is focused on mobile menu toggle icon (hamburger) customization, and grid enhancements.

  • Optionally use a tile for mobile menu toggle icon
  • Custom grid item fallback images
  • Grid item and overall background images
  • Vertical text alignment for rollover grids
  • Post grid item text length control
  • Category “featured images” for category grids

Tiles for mobile menu toggle icon

Starting in 6.12.0, you can now use a ProPhoto Tile as your mobile menu toggle icon. The mobile menu toggle icon (often referred to as a “hamburger icon”) is the graphic clicked to toggle the visibility of your mobile menu:


To facilitate supporting tiles for the mobile menu toggle, we made some pretty big changes and improvements to the tile editor. First, we changed it so that the tile hover state now automatically inherits all of the layer’s customizations from the default state, allowing you to modify only what you want different on the hover state, without recreating the base appearance of the tile layer.


Next, we also added a third state, active, to the tile editor, in addition to default and hover.


The active state is displayed after the icon is clicked, and the mobile menu is in the open position.

menu toggle graphic in "active" state, when menu open

menu toggle graphic in “active” state, when menu open

The active state is currently only leveraged by the mobile menu toggle, but we have plans to incorporate this state into future features and enhancements, including allowing you to set tiles for menu items that have a special active state when the url being visited is the url of the menu item. Stay tuned for more on that.

All of our free included designs now start with a tile that looks and behaves exactly the same as it always has, but is a tile:


This should make it really easy for you to start customizing your mobile toggle icon using the default hamburger tile as a base.


Grid enhancements

Also in 6.12.0 are a bunch more grid customization enhancements.

Custom grid item fallback images

Prior to this release, grid items where no image could be found displayed a default fallback image:

default fallback image highlighted in orange

default fallback image highlighted in orange

Now, you can upload your own custom fallback image for each style, and override them for different templates, giving you a ton of flexibility.


Rollover-style vertical text alignment

Next, you can now set the vertical alignment of text for rollover style grids:


note the vertically centered rollover text

note the vertically centered rollover text

Grid & grid item background images

Grid backgrounds becoming more flexible in 6.12.0, by adding options for background images for both grid items, and background color and image options for entire grids. These options are now available for both grid types, text-below and rollover.

Grid per-item background images can be applied to both styles:

paisley background image applied to "text-below" style grid items

paisley background image applied to “text-below” style grid items

paisley background image applied to "rollover" style overlay

paisley background image applied to “rollover” style overlay

And both styles also now support background color and background image for the whole grid itself. The grid background is usually only visible in the space between items created by a gutter larger than zero. This will allow you to create some cool effects, both with solid colors, and images:

solid color for grid background

solid color for grid background

background image for whole grid background

background image for whole grid background

Post excerpt text length control

P6 now supports custom per-grid controls for setting the length in characters of post excerpt text used in grid items.


Category featured images

For Category grids, you can now specify featured images that will be used as the grid item image for that category. The upload area is found in “ProPhoto Settings” > “Grids”:


And more…

This release also includes a handful of bugfixes, so, as always you can read all the gory details on the changelog. This release completes our milestone “Miriam”, and we’ll next turn our attention to milestone “Ezra”.

New ProPhoto 6 designs in our store


It’s been a while since we’ve announced new design releases, but our designers have been churning out some amazing work over the last few months, and we have over 50 ProPhoto 6 designs in our store right now.  Here are just a few of the recent additions:

Ivory by La Lune Creative

Noah by Swoone

Homer by Northfolk

Flora 6 by The Design Space Co

Slant by Petite Collective

Amour 6 by Dawn Alderman Design

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