P4 Auto-update details, build #1235

Today we’re pushing a fairly big free auto-update to ProPhoto4 for users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. This particular update includes a handful of new features, plus a few bug-fixes and minor optimizations. This post explains the most significant new features, and also includes a detailed changelog below.

-GOTCHA-If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-

Masthead frames

Probably the biggest new feature in this auto-updates is a new, optional masthead frame image. A masthead frame image is an image that will be used to “frame” your masthead image or masthead image slideshow. Using a masthead frame image drastically simplifies the usability of many masthead designs, allowing static design elements to be incorporated into the frame image rather than be replicated in every masthead image. The end result is that you can have complicated visual effects in your masthead area that don’t require you to do a ton of heavy-lifting in Photoshop for every masthead image. This includes anything from simple solid borders around the masthead to semi-transparent overlay effects.

A good example is the masthead area from the “Emilie” built-in starter design, which looks like this:

This masthead is now actually composed of two parts: 1) a masthead frame image, shown below:

…plus 2) a simple masthead image:

When the masthead image is positioned correctly within the masthead frame, you get the completed look.

Building the masthead this way makes it much easier to add and edit masthead images. All you need to do is upload a simple, properly-sized masthead image like this:

… and the complex border and overlaid “tape” effects remain consistent because they are a part of the frame image, not the masthead itself.

the new image sits “within” the masthead frame

The biggest reason we added this functionality was to make it much easier for users to customize complicated masthead designs. There are a lot more screenshots and examples, plus more “how-to” information on the main tutorial for masthead framing if you’re interested.

Side-by-side custom icon widget images

The next largest feature in this auto-update is a pretty major change we made to the ProPhoto “Custom Icon Widget”. Before this update, there was no good way to line up more than one custom icon horizontally in one of your widget areas. If you wanted several custom icons arranged horizontally, it required lining up multiple widgets in one of the widget areas with several columns (like the bio or footer), or that you use complicated custom CSS.

New in this update, each custom icon widget can have up to 10 individual images, which will be lined up side-by-side with a custom amount of spacing between them.

the custom icon widget form with two images enabled

both custom images in this area are contained within one widget

We think this is going to be a real time-saver for our users and designers, and allow you all to get more creative with your widget layouts. Full tutorial including lots more screenshots is here.

Custom images for older/newer posts links

Also in this update, you can now upload custom images to be used as clickable links instead of text for the “older” and “newer” posts links at the bottom of page-types where pagination is necessary.

This option is only available if you are not using the numbered pagination style of links. More details in this tutorial.

Uploaded paid add-ons become Starter Designs

We’ve also made a change to the user-interface related to paid “add-on” designs from our Design store. In the past, if you bought a paid add-on starter design from our site and uploaded it in the manage designs screen, it would create a generic “inactive design” in the inactive designs section of the screen.

We’ve now changed the behavior, so that when you upload a paid add-on design, it adds it to a new “Paid starter-designs” section above the standard built-in “Starter-designs” section.

We think the new behavior is a big win for usability. It reinforces what these paid designs really are: starter-designs. It allows them to be used multiple times as a template for creating new custom designs, without the need to re-upload the original zip file. You can also now preview the paid starter-designs like you can with the built-in ones. The change also gives add-ons the emphasis they deserve: showcasing the full description of the design plus a nice, big screenshot.

Contact form bottom border image

Finally, we’ve added another requested customization option: the ability to upload a custom image as the bottom border of your contact form area. Full tutorial here.


For those interested in the smaller bug fixes and enhancements, below is a near-exhaustive list of what’s new since the last auto update:

  • add temporary patch for IE7 problem with theft-protected clickable grid images
  • fix problem where empty space saved as slideshow proof URL caused cart button to appear and could not be deleted
  • ensure secondary menu dropdown opacity settings applied
  • fix rare problem with lightbox gallery javascript conflicting with plugins
  • don’t show help icon for individual menu item link image uploads because they don’t work there
  • new feature: masthead frames
  • new feature: contact form bottom border image uploading
  • use the admin Email from “Settings” => “General” as fallback for contact form send-to, as shown in our documentation instead of using Email from user profile of user with id=1
  • add new resource kits for older included starter designs that didn’t have them
  • fix Likebox widget preview fail in widgets admin screen
  • fix rare problem with determining width of certain widget areas
  • allow for weird (mostly Polish) web-servers with “//” as their ABSPATH
  • fix rare logic bug caused by slideshow with all perfectly square images, where controls were not overlaid and were on the side, not top or bottom
  • fix bug where nav menu dropdown opacity when set to 100% was displaying as 1%
  • new feature: custom uploaded images for non-numbered older/newer posts links
  • new feature: uploaded paid add-on designs get added as “Starter designs” instead of “Inactive designs”
  • fix music on gallery slideshows continuing to play on mobile devices even after another page is loaded via ajax
  • make sure ProPhoto gallery/insert all buttons don’t appear on the media add new page, since they don’t work there
  • ensure that html tags can be added to “custom HTML” special link types, duh
  • don’t watermark the masthead frame img
  • fix issue with links around widget menu item images causing extra vertical spacing
  • try to set memory limit to 512M where possible
  • prevent doubling of ProPhoto media buttons on “uploaded” media tab
  • new feature: multiple, side-by-side custom icon images in custom icon widget
  • switch to using WordPress’ bundled Farbtastic color picker, it’s a newer version, and fixes a minor ProPhoto bug
  • ensure that post background color is only applied to posts, not pages
  • fixed a problem with implementation of new contact form bottom border image where it wasn’t showing if in the normal ajax-mode
  • handle both old (legacy) and new twitter.com widget formats

P4 Auto-update details, build #1200

Today we’re pushing an auto-update for ProPhoto4 users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. This particular update, like the last one, is primarily a pile of small bug-fixes and minor enhancements we’ve made in the last few weeks. A bunch of the fixes happen to be mobile-related.

The most notable two new enhancements are 1) new “link to this post” Call-to-action items which work like the links in the comments header area, and 2) the ability to designate a link URL for your bio area image/s.

-GOTCHA-If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area, under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


For those interested in a near-exhaustive list of what’s fixed, see the below list:

  • ensure that custom alternate (alt) text is respected in lightbox and slideshow galleries, as well in their thumbnails
  • <address> tags should be italic by default, that’s the convention, and how WordPress previews them in the visual editor
  • identify newer Windows phones as mobile devices
  • fix a minor layout bug that could cause text on mobile overlay grids to get cut off
  • ensure that we align masonry grids on mobile devices if showing desktop site
  • consider Samsung “Note” phone a tablet (like iPad) since it’s way bigger than normal phones
  • fix Android mobile slideshow re-sizing when screen rotated, caused by bug in Android orientatonchange event
  • remove a bit of unwanted whitespace on mobile sites when comments are not being displayed
  • fix a problem with media-upload gallery buttons on certain non-english localizations of WordPress
  • make future-scheduled posts auto-lint with Facebook when transitioning to published to clear out any cache problems when inaccessible to Facebook prior to publishing
  • allow custom grid items to link directly to contact form with hash #contact-form, even in overlay format
  • work around a rare problem resulting in specialized “pages” being not found, caused by poorly coded plugins
  • add a couple of classes for mobile article header meta data, to hook to with CSS/JS
  • fixed a problem with mobile links inside of popup menus not working when ajax disabled or linking to external site (only iOS5)
  • change to correct comma-separated syntax for mobile meta viewport tag, resolves some errors and corrects some rendering glitches on newer versions of iOS
  • don’t trigger mobile overlay grid overlay show/hide when user is scrolling, if possible, improve usability of mobile posts/pages with overlay grids
  • force Facebook comments mobile to FALSE when in iPad, because for some reason it adds a HUGE amount of extra space, whereas the normal non-mobile does not
  • workaround extremely rare server problem that can cause uploaded ProPhoto images to never save
  • catch android tablet “Transformer” treat like an iPad, not like mobile phone
  • workaround problem with iOS 5 and mobile footer menu links
  • add missing non-vendor specific rounded corner css for tabs, as Firefox 13 dropped support for deprecated -moz-corner-radius format
  • don’t let image HTML sneak into mobile excerpts when it is hard-coded into the custom excerpt field
  • fix extra 20px of white padding on top of ProPhoto admin iframes, added in wp 3.4
  • on import from P3, correctly transform an iPad-related body class that changed from P3 to P4
  • don’t trust that wpurl and url are unslashed, because people can hard-code these with WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL constants in their wp-config.php file, and WordPress doesn’t unslash them if they are slashed
  • fix sizing problems with overlay style grids on mobile sites
  • constrain Facebook like/send button width on mobile devices to prevent rendering screwups in android
  • remove empty Email query param to prevent error message in call to action subscribe by email
  • revert to having only green edit button work for editing grids and galleries from admin placeholder, so placeholder is draggable within post visual editor
  • update Twitter tweet permalink structure AGAIN because they changed back to their old format before their ill-fated adventure with hashbangs
  • fix a rare problem on certain windows servers that was causing the pathfixer to fail after a blog had been moved
  • some minor tweaks for WordPress 3.4 compatibility
  • prevent some PHP warnings on “Manage Designs” screen on rare Solaris servers caused by unexpected return value from glob() function
  • add “link to this post” option to call to action options to mirror the functionality built into comments header
  • add optional link URLs for bio images
  • new: checkboxes to disable/enable main widget footer area on various page types
  • increase default max number custom grid items to 50 (can be increased even more with Tweaks plugin)
  • change how we get category URLs so that we respect pretty permalinks and prevent servers from redirecting

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