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One of the first designers to be added to our designer network, Mindy Young’s ProPhoto designs have been a hit with our customers from the very beginning.  One of her first designs, “Vintage savvy”, spent a long time as our most popular, and best selling, design.  Let’s find out a bit more about what people find so appealing about Mindy’s design style…

(be sure to check out Dear Emmie’s latest additions to our design store at the bottom of this post!)

PP:  First a little personal info: I read on your blog that you are married and have three children.  Care to tell us a little about your family/home life, and what you like to do for fun?

DE: I met my husband Country Dancing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I instantly knew I would marry him from the moment I saw him. We were married four months later. We had our first baby before our first anniversary. Then two and a half more came in the next few years to follow. The half, I will explain later in the interview.  I’m completely in love with my family and cherish every minute with them. Even at bed time when someone is crying, the other is teasing, there is toothpaste in the carpet, pj’s are on backwards, and I just remembered we forgot to do homework. I love every minute, crazy or not.

Things I do for fun are: Photography, of course — I often see sunsets and totally tune out what is going on around me and desperately want to grab my camera and start shooting. Photography is all in the light, people!  I also enjoy doing hair and make-up and doing tutorials. I love making others feel good by doing things for them, and I absolutely LOVE cooking.

PP: Tell us more about your photography and how you moved from that to design?

DE: I have always been the picture person. In high school, my locker and binders were always head to toe with photos, back in the days of quick snap film cameras. My husband gave me my first DSLR — a Canon 30D — when we had our second child. I took pictures of my kids like mad. Everyone noticed my photos and started asking me to take their children’s pictures. So I did and fell completely in love with doing child photography. After a few years of learning and growing, I hung up my camera for a bit to spend more time as a mother with my children. And that is when I was contacted by ProPhoto about designing for them! That is when I got into design! I have recently dipped back into photography and use a Canon 5D Mark III. It is my secret lover.

PP: Where does the name of your business, “Dear Emmie”, come from?

DE: You’ve been warned, grab a tissue. After our third child, we decided we were done having children. Then a few years passed and I started having dreams about a blue-eyed blonde haired little girl. I was NOT at all baby hungry. At first I was in denial that we would have any more children. In one dream, her name was “Emerica.” So that pushed me — I knew one more was there and we were pregnant. I was at 13 weeks in my pregnancy when I had complications and sadly, I miscarried my sweet child. It was one of the hardest moments in my life, EVER. I decided to name my business after Emerica so I can continue to feel and live with her every day through my work. Dear Emmie. My Dear Emmie.

PP: I love the words you use to describe your design style: “Feminine, Girly, Fresh, Clean, and just Beautiful”.  From where would you say you draw your inspiration?

DE: I draw my inspiration from women and little girls. I am SO glad I was born a female! I love anything pink, frilly, sassy, sweet, and just beautiful. I swear I should have been born in the 40’s… wearing dresses and having totally perfect curls in my hair all day…*Sigh* I try to design things for others how I see through my eyes. Most of the time I sit down and I am just designing for myself.

I try to design things for others how I see through my eyes. Most of the time I sit down and I am just designing for myself.

PP: Is there a favorite design project that you have done?  What about a favorite ProPhoto blog design?

DE: I think my most favorite design project would be making Christmas cards! I offer them for FREE as digital psd templates on my site around the holidays!  My favorite ProPhoto design would have to be one of my newest designs: “Miss Emerica“. It speaks straight from my heart.

PP: When did you first start using ProPhoto, and as a designer, what do you enjoy most about using ProPhoto?

DE: I first started using ProPhoto when I became a photographer. I bought it and instantly fell in love with how easy to use and how versatile it was for customizing. Remind you, I was a beginner to Photoshop and anything techy at this time. There for a while in my early photographer years when I could never stick to one blog design and I re-designed my site probably 20-30 times. I just loved how every time I added to it or figured out something new I could do it myself without having to pay a web designer to do it for me. ProPhoto saw my blog at the time and asked who designed it for me. I told them I did, and that is when I became a ProPhoto designer!

The thing I love best about ProPhoto is that you can get a fully custom-looking site without having to pay a web or graphic designer to tweak it. I love how flexible it is and how GREAT the video tutorials are! I personally think it is what sets the whole tone and feel for your business. It can make or break it. For the price and the quality you get, ah….. I love ProPhoto!

PP: What feature would you most like to see added to ProPhoto in the future?

DE: I love SO many things about ProPhoto already. I think the only thing I would add to it would be a double fixed side bar. I would love to have a 3-column layout where you have one fixed side bar on each side of the main blog posting area. Then, it would be total perfection!

PP: Anything else you’d like to tell us about your business?

DE: Nope, just come visit and shop if you’d like. I hope you love what I create as much as I do! Beautiful pictures always need beautiful designs!

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