P5 Auto Update, build #116

If you are experiencing problems with the appearance of your site after updating to the latest build that you aren’t able to fix, take a look at this tutorial that addresses some common problems.


This morning we’re pushing a free update to ProPhoto version 5. Included in this update is a moderately significant re-working of how your logo is handled, and how your primary and secondary menus are sized. A lot of the work was done under the hood, but there are some new options available in this latest update.


The new Logo menu item and ProPhoto Logo widget

In the “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Header Area” > “Layout & Appearance” area, there are some small but significant changes. When selecting the option for logo position, there is now a “in menu or widget area” option.  When you select this option and save, there will be two new logo options available in ProPhoto.  First, you can go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and add a new “ProPhoto logo widget” to any of your widget areas.  Secondly, if you go to “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Menus”, you will be able to add a new “Logo image” menu item to any of your menus (available as a “special link type”).  Both the widget and menu item will automatically pull in the logo image uploaded in your “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Header Area” > “Logo” area.  Our hope is that this will make ProPhoto easier to use as your logo can always be modified from the one upload area.


A centered logo menu item (also shown in image at top of this post)

Also available are a few new layout options for your logo and menu.  If you have a Logo menu item in your primary or secondary menu, and you have selected the “split some items left, some right” menu alignment, you can choose to center your logo in the middle of your menu.  This was a layout that required some advanced custom CSS before.


Admin controls for positioning an overlaid logo in front of your masthead

When selecting the “on same line as masthead” logo position under “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Header Area” > “Layout & Appearance”, you can position the logo to the left or right of the masthead (as before), or you can select “overlay”.  While left and right positions will downsize your masthead based on the size of your logo, the overlay position will display your masthead at full size and allow you to set a specific position for your logo to display in front of your masthead.  This is another layout that was previously difficult to achieve.


New menu spacing options

A few other additions/changes since the last auto-update:

  • Added new options under “Menu link custom spacing” in your menu areas. You now have more control over the vertical alignment of menu items and can set a minimum menu height
  • Overlay-style grids with slide up/down overlay display now allow you to set the starting and ending opacity
  • Added a recommended image size box to the Post/Page editor.  This gives the recommended widths to upload images for both retina and non-retina devices based on your current settings
  • A bunch of bug fixes

We hope you are able to utilize and enjoy some of these new features, and that they help to provide a simpler, more satisfying ProPhoto experience.  As always, contact us using our contact form above if you run into any bugs as a result of the update.

Proofing Plugin Beta

As part of our announcement of the release of ProPhoto version 5, we mentioned that we have a proofing/ordering plugin in the works for later this spring. For those waiting for news on this, here are a few bits of additional detail.

This may or may not be a screenshot of part of the beta proofing plugin...

This may or may not be a screenshot of part of the beta proofing plugin…

The Timeframe

We’ve already entered into a period of beta-testing for the new proofing plugin. At this point the beta period is invitation only. As we expand the private beta in the weeks to come, we may be looking for some more volunteers, so keep an eye on our twitter and here on the blog if you’re anxious to try it out at the earliest possible date.

At the end of April, we plan to switch into a “public” beta period. At that point, the proofing plugin will be publicly available for sale and we should have *most* of the major kinks ironed out. But it will still be beta software — you can expect some glitches to be fixed and a few features to be added and refined after the public beta commences. If you’re moderately tech-savvy and not afraid of a bit of instability, you can plan on jumping on board during the public beta.

Finally, in mid-July we hope to bring the Proofing plugin out of beta-completely, with all of the major functionality planned for the initial release in and stable.

Seeking some input

In order to communicate with our private beta testers, I recently made a temporary Facebook Page dedicated to communication and gathering feedback regarding the proofing plugin. If you’re really interested in following what’s happening in the beta period (even if you you’re not a beta tester) or just want to weigh in on some of the discussions and polls we’ll be putting up there, feel free to head over there and read and comment.

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