New p5 feature: Article-specific options

Today we’re making a new feature available for ProPhoto 5, article-specific options.  We aren’t pushing an auto-update with the new feature, because we want to let it trickle out to our customers and deal with any potential bugs we may have missed.  If you like what you see though, you can go to “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Site Settings” > “Misc.” and trigger an auto-update to the latest build to try it out.


Article-specific options are a sub-set of ProPhoto options available on each article edit screen that only applies to that specific article (by “article” we mean any post, page, or custom post type). Use them, for example, to turn off page title display on just your static home page, or disable Pinterest image pinning on just one particular post.  Such options give you much more control over the appearance of each page of your site.


You can also save these sets of options as ProPhoto “Variations” that can be applied to other articles on your site with just one click.  Variations can be added, applied, and deleted from the same option area on any article edit screen.  You’ll also start to see designs being added to the store that will include their own design variations that can easily be added to different pages of your site.


We’re open to adding additional options for each article down the road if there is enough demand and the implementation seems doable, so feel free to give us feedback.

For a full description of how to use this new functionality, see this tutorial .


14 designs added over the last month

Minima by Melissa Love Design

Campus by Melissa Love Design

Beaux & Arrow by Red Met Yellow Creative

Molokai by Courtney Keim

Red River by The Shoppe

Grisaille by Point of Vue Design

Lana Boheme by Aniya Jade Design

Tree House Point by Point of Vue Design

Heritage by Melissa Love Design

Outerbanks by Silverstitch Studio

P5 Auto-update, build #164

Today we’re pushing a free auto-update to ProPhoto5 for users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. The main purpose of this update is to fully release the new Google+ integration feature, as well as push out a moderate number of small enhancements and fringe bug-fixes. See the changelog below if you love the nitty-gritty.

-GOTCHA- If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


  • fix bug with contact form when second, non-required email address field added
  • fix selected posts grid items were not linking to translated post correctly if using WPML
  • fixed bug that could result in contact form fields not being disabled properly
  • fix error loading Google+ Javascript on mobile site
  • force-disable JetPack module “photon” because it breaks ProPhoto’s image management
  • improve zoom handling for touch devices when using fixed elements
  • improve handling of password protected post password form submission on mobile site
  • added experimental ProPhoto caching feature
  • added Google+ and microdata integration
  • added translation for Page title of daily archive pages
  • fixed: grid text length override logic was built into custom grid type, but the input field was hidden in the grid admin screen
  • catch newer Samsung Galaxy and other Android tablets, and correctly identify them as tablets, not phones
  • fixed css bug causing custom “view full post” image to not show correctly in standard excerpts
  • add caching layer to article excerpt image determination, for performance
  • fixed a bug that could prevent comments from not displaying correctly on multiple-post pages when one of the posts has a very high number of comments
  • meta keywords shouldn’t render if ProPhoto SEO is disabled
  • don’t load grid items on widgets page, because they are not needed, and slow down the page load for no reason
  • standard excerpts with slide-down content were incorrectly loading with a “view/add comments” link
  • exclude the grid comment bubble image from Pinterest pinning
  • hide Pinterest pinit overlay on thumbnails from popular WP related posts plugin
  • Contact form date picker was failing when page was translated by Google Chrome
  • ensure Pinterest pinning uses correct URL for single-post if pinned from multi-post page type
  • add ability to use custom “View full post” image for standard excerpts, as had only previously been possible with grid excerpts
  • don’t show masthead hiding/modification options when logo is on the same line with masthead, as the masthead cannot be skipped when it is such
  • Slide-down grid content in the bio area was inheriting the bio area CSS settings instead of the general/post content CSS like it should
  • allow translation/modification of protected article title format
  • added option to disable sticky menu entirely on touch devices
  • disable sticky menu when a mobile device is zoomed because you can’t scroll to view all of the fixed element after zooming
  • added an override option when fullHeight sidebar is on, allowing uploading of masthead images based on blog_width – total sidebar width instead of the usual approach of uploaded based on site width and downsizing
  • fixed divider images that weren’t aligning properly anymore when drop down menus were set to align with bottom of menu item, or when menu vertical alignment was set to top or bottom
  • try to always suppress php notices and warnings for admin-ajax.php requests, as most of these emit a json-encoded response for javascript to read, and php notices and warnings prevent decoding of response
  • force re-check of image thumbnails returned from WordPress’ internal image cropping function — WordPress does not always honor crop ratio dimension
  • another safeguard against Suhosin or host-specific max $_POST vars limits
  • handle with error messaging when ProPhoto is unable to save a new gallery (most likely due to permissions problems)
  • add option for vertically aligning drop down menus immediately under each menu item or under the entire menu
  • fix problem with Instagram API requests that timed out were returning wrong error message

Google+ Integration

The latest ProPhoto 5 build, #159, includes some significant new functionality around Google+ integration and Google rich snippets. If you aren’t on the latest build yet, you can go to “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Site Settings” > “Misc.” to trigger an auto-update.

Google+ integration

New options in ProPhoto allow visitors to your site to +1 or share your content in their Google+ profile, as well as allowing you to promote your own Google+ profile.  We’ve also made it easier to connect your site to your Google+ profile, allowing Google to associate you as the author of your content in search results, helping you to establish your brand. For the most part, Google +1 features parallel the Facebook buttons and widgets you are already familiar with. You can view thorough instructions on integrating Google+ with your ProPhoto site here: http://www.prophoto.com/support/google-plus-integration/

Google Rich Snippets

ProPhoto now utilizes microdata formatting in its markup as recommended by Google.  These formatting changes can provide search engines like Google with more detail about the structure of your content which can improve the content and appearance of your search results. Here’s a full list of features added in this build

  • Google +1 button in post footer
  • Google +1 and share buttons added to call to action area
  • Google+ badge widgets to link to Profiles, Pages, and Communities
  • Google+ “follow” button widget
  • Alternate social media post author links
  • Simplified Google+ authorship integration
  • Built-in Google rich snippet formatting

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