ProPhoto 6.1.0



Today we’re sending out an auto-update for ProPhoto containing a new feature and some enhancements. This is the first of many planned features and enhancements that you will see rolling out for P6 on a very regular basis in the weeks and months to come. Because this release contains new features and functionality, and with P6 we’re adhering to semantic versioning, we’re incrementing the version to 6.1.0.

For a full list of changes, you can always head over to our changelog. Two of the cool things in this release are…

Scroll-to links

Lots of folks have been asking for the ability to create menu and other links in their P6 sites that would smoothly scroll the user to another position on the page. The most common scenario would be to add a menu or image link to link to a block farther down the page, out of view. In 6.1.0 you can do this by copying a special hash url, by clicking on the new link icon on any block or row:




Once you’ve copied the link, you can paste it into a URL field for a text widget, graphics widget, menu item, etc:




When the link is clicked by a user on the front, the window will smoothly scroll to the block or row you copied the link from.

Gallery image management enhancements

We also took a pass at improving the usability of managing images in your ProPhoto galleries. We added 4 bulk reordering options (by filename, upload order, created time, and reverse), allowed bulk deleting, and vastly improved the individual image reordering mechanism. This should hopefully greatly simplify some of your common tasks in ProPhoto galleries. And we have more usability enhancements for these planned as well. Here’s a screenshot giving you a sense of some of the new controls:




ProPhoto 6 Released!



Today, we’re pleased to announce that ProPhoto 6 is officially coming out of beta. Thanks so much for everyone who jumped on board during the beta period to help us test things out and provide feedback, your contributions have been invaluable.


We still have a ton of cool features, enhancements, and usability improvements on our development roadmap, but we’re really pleased with the core feature set of ProPhoto 6 and think we’ve laid a great foundation for the future. ProPhoto has never been more powerful and flexible.


One helpful tool we’ve also made is a test-drive plugin that allows you to keep showing ProPhoto 5 (or any other theme) to your site visitors while you dial in your new P6 design. When you purchase P6, you’ll get this plugin for free.

ProPhoto Proofing

Also, today is the first day that a new version of our Proofing plugin is available as a free download to existing proofing users. Your current Proofing plugin will add an admin notice with a download link to your WordPress admin area as soon as you install the ProPhoto 6 theme. Just make sure if you’re test-driving to disable the P6 Test Drive mode temporarily so that ProPhoto 5 is your active theme to see the admin notice in WordPress. The P6 version of the Proofing plugin is in beta, but only for a few weeks — it’s already nearly 100% complete, we’re just calling it beta until it’s been more widely tested by real users.

What’s Next

If you want to see what we’re working on next, head over to our development roadmap page. There you can see what we’re working on, and in approximately what order. Also, you can view open feature and enhancement tickets, and vote by commenting on the ones you want the most — we are constantly re-prioritizing our development schedule based on your feedback.



ProPhoto 6 Included Designs



Now that we are just weeks away from our “official release” of ProPhoto 6, one of the more exciting recent updates to P6 was the inclusion of starter designs.  With five designs in total, each is totally unique and beautifully showcases much of what ProPhoto 6 has to offer.  In keeping with the tradition of prior ProPhoto releases, ProPhoto 6 brought over several prior ProPhoto designs, but introduces a couple of new ones as well.  We think they should appeal to a wide range of styles and offer users a great starting point to build their own awesome ProPhoto 6 sites!

And be on the lookout, we plan to add even more included starter designs to P6 in the future 🙂


Morgan Design Screenshot

One of two brand new designs introduced in ProPhoto 6 is Morgan.  A stylish design that utilizes much of what make ProPhoto 6 so great, you get a visually stunning parrallax scrolling effect on the home page and specific page templates for gorgeous About, Testimonial and other pages.  View the demo to see some of what ProPhoto 6 can do!


Square Design Screenshot

The other included design new to ProPhoto is Square.  A modern design with clean lines, Square really showcases ProPhoto 6’s fully responsive behavior.  Just check out our demo and see how the large grid on the home rearranges and resizes itself when you change your browser’s window size.   Similar to Morgan, it offers templates for specific pages to give each part of your site a unique look.


Sunny Design Screenshot

Sunny is an updated version of the Sunny California design originally included with ProPhoto 4.  It is a completely re-imagined version of the original that makes great use of the possibilities within ProPhoto 6’s new Layout Editor. If you are looking for a warm and relaxed design, this may be the one for you.  Check it out for yourself with our Sunny demo.


Crafted Design Screenshot

ProPhoto 5 users will remember Crafted as the default starter design for P5.  Because it was so popular and is a great, simple starting point for creating your own design, we decided to bring it over and make it the default starter design for ProPhoto 6 too.  Click to view the demo.


Campbell Design Screenshot

Also previously a ProPhoto 5 design, Campbell has been recreated and included with ProPhoto 6 for those users wanting a simple and elegant design starter.  It makes great use of the new Tiles feature in ProPhoto 6 and also includes several different templates for different page types.  You can see a demo of the design here.

And true to the top-notch customer support we always try to deliver, we have even created specific overview tutorials for each design that describe how they can be modified and where to find certain elements.

Also, just in case you weren’t aware, our incredible designer network has been hard at work on new ProPhoto 6 add-on designs, which we are selling in our design store.  So if you are looking for a pre-made, one of a kind design, you’ll want to check those out.

We are really excited about these included and add-on designs and hope they will help inspire ProPhoto users to go and create their own amazing site designs with the incredibly powerful, new ProPhoto 6!

GitHub, Roadmap, and P6 Support

If you follow our blog or the ProPhoto Facebook page or the ProPhoto Twitter feed, you may have noticed that we’re keeping pretty busy around here! But in case you’ve been a little out of the loop, we thought you might want to know about a few new ways you can keep tabs on the cool new things we’re building to help you create an engaging website for your business.

GitHub and P6 Roadmap

github-logoWe’ve been writing a lot of code so that you don’t have to. But as ProPhoto becomes the most versatile & powerful WordPress theme available, we needed better tools ourselves.

We’re using GitHub to make it easier to organize our work, but also because we want be more transparent about the ProPhoto development process. You can use these new tools to learn about and be involved with ProPhoto’s development process:

ProPhoto 6 Change Log this is the place you’ll find details about each new update we release for ProPhoto 6. We’ll list changes, bug fixes, and new features every time your ProPhoto 6 setup auto-updates with the newest release. You can click the version link at the bottom-right inside WordPress any time to view the change log on GitHub. Here’s an example:


ProPhoto 6 Issues page this is the place we list upcoming features and bug fixes. It’s a little technical sometimes, but if you’re waiting for a specific feature to be added, it might be listed here. Most issues are grouped with labels so you can filter, for example, to see any bugs or features relating to image galleries.


With your own free GitHub account, you can even vote for and comment on things which matter most to your site. We take your feedback seriously, and have bumped-up several features during beta just because you told us you need them.

our developers read comments & suggestions to prioritize development

our developers read comments & suggestions to prioritize development

ProPhoto 6 Roadmap page this is a prettier, condensed, concise version of the GitHub Issues page above. If you really just want to know roughly when we plan to add certain features to ProPhoto 6, you’ll find the main ones listed here. The dates are simply estimations, made public to give you an idea of our schedule. You may find that a feature is completed at a different time than we originally planned, but we’ll stick mostly to this roadmap.

milestones are shown with a check as features are completed

milestones are shown with a check as features are completed

ProPhoto 6 Support

Considering all the kind words we’ve received about the tutorials and videos we create, you probably already know about the staggering amount of help for our ProPhoto 4, 5, and Proofing software. But the future is coming, so we’ve been working to create a new set of help for ProPhoto 6 which we’ve organized in a new way.


If you’re already using the ProPhoto 6 beta, or if you’re thinking of buying the new version soon, we’d recommend checking out the new help site for lots of details: New ProPhoto 6 Support

Much like ProPhoto 6 itself, the new help site will continue to improve. Lots of videos, tutorials, and improved appearance are all just around the corner. And we welcome your feedback below each page, so we can improve our help if it doesn’t quite hit the mark for you.

"Help me ... help you!" -- Jerry Maguire

“Help me … help you!” — Jerry Maguire

And as always, you can reach us in all the existing ways, like in the comments section below.

ProPhoto 6 Feature: Tiles

ProPhoto 6 has been updating and improving at a rapid pace during the beta period. Almost all of what we have fixed, tweaked and added has been in response to the great feedback we have been getting from our beta testers. Thanks! Because ProPhoto 6 was a completely from scratch, anything in ProPhoto 5 we wanted to retain had to be put together in the new, responsive context. For early beta testers it would have been obvious that, in spite of the cool new layout options and responsive features, ProPhoto 6 could not do some of the cool things that were popular with ProPhoto 5. Our hope was that beta feedback would help us determine what was essential and how to prioritize what needed to be added back in first. It sure did!

Almost immediately we started getting questions about when we were going to add back the “buttons” feature that was so popular with ProPhoto 5. To be honest, at first we were not sure about adding the feature back in at all. We wondered whether it was even possible to create a tool for building responsive, multi-layered graphics. But because of the outpouring of [gentle] encouragement, we decided it was important and set about working it out. And we sure are glad we did! What we came up with really rocks! Although similar to “buttons,” it is different enough that we decided it was worthy of a new name – ProPhoto Tiles.

A tile from the free, included design called "Sunny".

A tile from the free, included design called “Sunny“. See it live.

Tiles are created in “ProPhoto > Customizer > Tiles” and are shared between templates. They comprise layers of images, shapes and text, each of which has a default and hover state. When the default and hover state settings differ (in size, position, orientation, opacity, or color), it creates hover movement that draws the attention of the viewer. If you have ever worked with Photoshop, the concept of layers will be familiar to you. Tiles work in a similar way. The active layer (highlighted in blue) is the one you can drag around in the preview and to which setting changes apply. The stack of layers in the left column can be reordered, the topmost layer in the stack displaying above the others.tile_overview_post

Currently, tiles can only be added to templates via a graphics widget. But more implementation is planned. To learn more about tiles check out our tiles overview guide on our ProPhoto 6 support site. The video below shows a limited preview of the kind of tiles you can create.

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