ProPhoto 6 Design Store Open



Today we’re really pleased to announce that we’re opening up our add-on design store for ProPhoto 6 designs. Our developers and designers have been working really hard the last few months to get to this point, and we think the first wave of designs are really great and show off what ProPhoto 6 can do.

If you’ve been thinking about buying ProPhoto 6, but wanted to start with a design, this might be a good time to pull the trigger. We have 14 designs as of right now, but more will be added at regular intervals from now on, so check back often.

ProPhoto 6 is still in beta, so there will be a few bumps and bugs as well as frequent additions of new features. But, it’s getting more stable and feature-rich every day. If you’d like to buy a ProPhoto 6 design, remember you’ll need to first buy ProPhoto 6 — none of these designs will work on ProPhoto 5.

When you’re previewing any of the P6 designs, remember that these are natively responsive, so try resizing your browser window, or viewing on a phone or iPad to see how the designs respond at various screen sizes.

To view demos of the new P6 designs, click here.







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