P5 Auto-update, build #202

Today we’re pushing a free auto-update to ProPhoto5 for users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. The main purpose of this update is to fully release the article-specific options feature, as well as push out a moderate number of small enhancements and fringe bug-fixes. See the changelog below if you love the nitty-gritty. -GOTCHA- If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


  • Fixed bug linking to pdf files from ajax enabled mobile site
  • Added new header layout tutorial video to admin area
  • Fixed prophoto-cache problems for plugins like gravity forms which POST data to front-end URLs
  • Modified ProPhoto to allow import of posts-page per-page options when add-on design is using a static home page
  • Fixed messed up spacing of widget area groups after the wordpress UI redo
  • Fixed bug that was resulting in the ProPhoto default widgets not being added correctly on initial activation
  • Fixed bug where excerpt imgs weren’t accounting for post pic border width when setting max-width
  • Adding logging of build history for easier troubleshooting and improved updated of old options
  • Subdivided post image uploads into {day}-{postID}-{postType} dirs to prevent problems with single directory file limits
  • Fixed glitch causing slider images to get get slow and sticky in Safari when more than 30 images in gallery
  • Added/renamed filters and hooks for Proofing to use
  • Added some more filters surrounding grid types, so that proofing plugin can add it’s own grid type/s
  • Fixed bug causing Ajax loaded post content to sometimes load images at wrong width
  • Fixed bug causing the show/hide comments arrow to not display correctly
  • Fixed bug resulting in errors if Jetpack was enabled but no modules were turned on
  • Fixed WPML bug causing some CSS values to come through formatted incorrectly, resulting in seemingly random display problems
  • Fixed caching bug causing some special UTF-8 characters to break things
  • Fixed bugs in contact form remote sending; add longer timeout, and fix incorrectly set name variable
  • Attempted to make ProPhoto caching feature play nice with WPML by caching pages according to language
  • Fixed bug with slider gallery swiping event not working in newer android devices
  • Modified Rich snippet data on WordPress Pages according to Google Webmaster validation errors
  • Fixed bug causing retina images not to load on mobile site after ajax page loads
  • Fixed a couple of CSS cascading bugs when loading a slideshow within a slide-down grid in the bio area.
  • Fixed bug with Google+ button not being clickable in post footer when preceeded by Facebook like button with show faces turned on
  • Added link to LuLu starter design overview tutorial in manage designs page
  • Fixed bug causing Samsung Galaxy S4 to be flagged as mobile, thus always showing the desktop site
  • Fixed bug causing secondary nav drop down opacity to fail
  • Made modification so that when ajax loading excerpt content fails, sent to single post page
  • Stripping out script tags from post excerpt contents, which was causing problems in some cases
  • Updated our twitter API terminology to match their updated terminology
  • Fixed bug causing the load more posts button to show up even if there wasn’t a second page of posts to load
  • Added font opacity support to buttons
  • Fixed bug causing the display of some characters to display incorrectly in post excerpts in grids and elsewhere

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