P4 Auto-update details, build #944

Yesterday afternoon we pushed an auto-update to P4 users on web-hosts capable of handling automatic updates. The auto-update fixes a number of small glitches that affect some users.

If it hasn’t already done so, you ProPhoto blog should auto-update next time you log in. If it doesn’t, you’re probably one of the 5% or so of our users on web-hosts not capable of handling auto-updates. If you’re in that group, don’t worry, there’s no need for you to update to the latest build unless you’re directly experiencing a problem. If there is a critical update you need, we will notify you about it.

For the curious or nerdy out there, here is a fairly exhaustive list of all of the changes since the last auto-update we pushed, build #897:

  • 01/19/12 – fixed a problem that was causing changes made to just a few option areas to not “stick” when saving
  • added a safeguard to prevent widgets from previewed starter designs from being added to the current active design, which was happening in rare instances
  • added a workaround for Microsoft-IIS/7.5 servers required for ProPhoto to create and use the filesystem folder structure it needs
  • fixed a bug with full-screened slideshows on iPad that occurred sometimes when iPad is rotated
  • 01/18/12 – fix css bug where in rare circumstances excerpt thumbnails were being upsized to thumbnail max-size instead of constrained via max-width
  • added a workaround to help ProPhoto deal with excessively massive uploaded images, so they don’t hose grids and slow down galleries
  • fixed a bug that caused errors importing P3 designs with capitalized .MP3 file extensions
  • added CSS to always center fullsize excerpt images, if they are less than site width
  • 01/17/12 – allow filtering of Lightbox image title/captions, so that via a plugin, we can force filenames to always display for those who use Lightbox galleries for proofing
  • fixed problem with mobile image sizing on older versions of Android
  • center slideshows loaded into nav menu slidedowns if narrower than site width
  • prevent rare problem with saving changes for servers configured with Suhosin security module and 64 bit $_POST variable name limit
  • allow for #foobar type inner page links in widgets, don’t prefix these with http://
  • downsize Twitter sliding widget background image preview in widgets admin area if it will be downsized on site front because of context width constraint
  • regenerate static files when home and WordPress URL are changed in “Settings” => “General” to prevent JavaScript errors
  • fix problem with mobile slideshow controls not showing when slideshows set to auto-play
  • fix bug where 404 pages where occasionally showing unrelated comments
  • fixed a conflict with Akismet that was causing inability to upload images in certain instances
  • 01/16/12 – fix rare issue where slideshows would not render if there was an error creating the placeholder image
  • prevent HTML preview of <form> elements in ProPhoto Text Widget, because they can cause problems saving
  • suppress warnings when writing new images with GD for servers with permissions issues
  • flush grid cache when editing or deleting categories
  • fix problem with masthead image link URLs not being prefixed with ‘http://’ and thus not linking correctly
  • more accurate “updated to build #xxx” message when auto-updating
  • rework downloading of remote images, allow for much more graceful failure if problems downloading remote images
  • 01/12/12 – hide WordPress pointers and dim ProPhoto admin video icons when auto-updating
  • improve image pathfixer to better handle changes adding or removing “www” from site URL
  • ensure excerpt thumbnails are downsized via CSS if correct thumb size cannot be located or created
  • strip links from mobile excerpts added by plugins because they bork the mobile layout
  • send a 200 header instead of 500 when using wp_die() because Godaddy intercepts 500 headers with it’s own internal server error page
  • 01/11/12 – fix glitch with image sizing on mobile when images have default WordPress captions
  • fix broken slideshow sizing logic when all images exactly square
  • move admin-related ajax requests to admin-ajax.php to prevent rare issues with caching plugins and other fringe conditions
  • fix generated Twitter tweet date links that were broken because of API change
  • 01/10/12 – fix rounding errors in slideshow sizing that could cause image downsizing when not necessary
  • switch from HTML5 “section” tag to more vanilla “div” tag for grid wraps because Firefox 3.6 can’t handle sections
  • fix hardcoded references to P3 dev site in Email a friend link subjects for a few old starter designs
  • update contact form hook names for future compatibility issues for plugin authors
  • fix a bug with Lightbox gallery display on mobile devices when mobile site disabled

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