P4 Auto-update details, build #1013

This morning we pushed an auto-update for ProPhoto4 users on capable web-hosts. The auto-update adds some more Facebook functionality improvements, takes care of a few minor bugs, and fixes one major bug that affected a few of you.

Facebook “Like Box” updated:

In this update we switched the Facebook “Like” box widget to the new HTML5/JavascriptSDK API instead of using hard-coded iFrame elements. This allowed us to also build in a much easier-to-use live preview to help in customizing Like boxes. More on this in a future blog post.

More granular control of Facebook previews:

Also in this update, we provided some more intelligent and customizable controls for dictating how Facebook previews of your site and posts render inside of Facebook. If you want to know all of the gory details, see this major new support tutorial we just published.

One big bug fix:

Over the weekend, a few users who purchased or updated to build #1011 experienced a bug where when they went to an “Older posts” page view for any page type, the screen was white, or showed some PHP fatal error reporting code. Sorry about that, that was completely our fault. That is fixed in this update as well.


For those interested, a fairly exhaustive list of the changes is below:

  • 02/20/12 – add Facebook numeric personal ID option for insertion into <head>, to silence Facebook linter warning and associate site with a Facebook user
  • 02/19/12 – fix fatal error on “paged” pages caused by mis-typed method call in SEO class
  • 02/16/12 – auto-lint WordPress posts and pages on save to prevent problems with Facebook not showing most recent preview image/title/description data because of Facebook cache
  • auto-lint home page and static front page when Facebook preview overrides changed to prevent out-of-date Facebook cache from messing up previews
  • always provide og:description meta tags so that Facebook debugger/linter is happy
  • give more granular controls for Facebook link previews for blog posts home page and static page home page
  • fix rare problem where very large Lightbox gallery thumbnails with watermarking applied were not displaying in rows
  • force WordPress captions to max-width 100% to prevent alignment issues with default WordPress captions and downsized images
  • 02/14/12 – fix rare bug with menu dropdown link spacing caused by off-by-one logic error
  • add another acceptable MP3 mime-type so Firefox + OSX Lion don’t go moo when uploading
  • scrub another norwegian character from uploaded image filenames because it causes problems with iPad display
  • strip <br /> tags from mobile post excerpts, also prevent poorly coded plugins from outputting inside link tag elements
  • 02/13/12 – ensure Facebook “Like” box constrained to widget area width when possible
  • convert Facebook Like box widget to new html5/jsSDK format, with better configuration and live preview, and handle legacy conversion of old Like box widgets
  • 02/10/12 – add Facebook language “locale” option because it is required for the new HTML5/JavascriptSDK API
  • change mobile device image constraint size because of some Android handsets with larger screen dimensions
  • fix bug where mobile slideshow buttons were not obeying button color customization
  • ensure “Like” button spacing options applied to mobile site
  • 02/09/12 – echo out HTML comments when GD image-downsizing to assist in troubleshooting rare PHP out-of-memory errors when downsizing massive images
  • allow user to set max-threshold for GD image downsizing to help some problematic web-hosts
  • trash and untrash Galleries when their parent post/page is trashed or untrashed

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