Get ProPhoto-Optimized Hosting and $30 Back by Signing up with HostPapa

If you’re going to a party, the host can make or break the event. It’s the host’s job to make sure there’s plenty of food and drinks, the background music is just right, there’s a place for everyone to sit, and that everything runs smoothly so that guests have a great time.

It’s kind of like that when it comes to web hosting, too. Hosting companies work behind the scenes to support your website and make sure it has everything it needs to give your visitors a wonderful experience every time they visit.

$30 Rebate for Signing Up

We want ProPhoto users to have a fantastic hosting experience. That’s why we’ve launched a new partnership with HostPapa–and we think you should consider signing up with them. Whether you’re just getting started with ProPhoto, or you’ve been a customer for years, HostPapa has some amazing benefits–plus, when you sign up, you’ll get a $30 rebate!

ProPhoto-Optimized Servers

Why do we love HostPapa? They’ve worked directly with us to create a unique hosting experience tailored specifically for ProPhoto users. Unlike generic hosting platforms, where your site shares the same server with a ton of other random sites, HostPapa has created servers dedicated exclusively to ProPhoto–and they’re optimized so your site will run like a dream. The good people at HostPapa will even migrate your existing site over to your new account for free, so there’s one less thing for you to do.

Free ‘.photo’ Premium Domain

And to enhance this boutique package, HostPapa offers ProPhoto customers a free “.photo” premium domain for the first year. We think a “.photo” domain is a great way to brand yourself and stand out–that’s why we use it ourselves! It’s modern, memorable, and less likely to be misspelled. I mean, isn’t way cooler than 🙂 Of course, if you want to use an address other than .photo, you can do that, too.

A Small Company that Cares

We also like HostPapa because they’re a lot like us. They’re big enough to provide a high-end service, but small enough to provide quality care and support.

There’s lots more we could say (and if you want to learn more, here are the deets) but we’re excited about our partnership with HostPapa and we think you’ll benefit from it, too. We don’t jump in and out of partnerships here at ProPhoto, and we rarely recommend any service–only those we trust and feel confident about.

Ready to join the HostPapa “party”? 🙂 Click here:

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Get a $30 rebate when you choose our recommended host, Hostpapa