Fourth Quarter 2019 ProPhoto 7 Updates

We’ve had a busy 4th quarter here at ProPhoto. Did you know as part of our ongoing services to buyers, we frequently release updates and changes to our theme?

In the last quarter, we’ve published several new ProPhoto updates. From October – December we released 3 minor updates and one new feature.

We’re proud to say that the NextGen gallery plugin is now fully compatible with ProPhoto 7 as of version 7.7.12.

See our most recent updates below!

Version 7.7.12

bugfixes (11/20/19)

  • Enhancement Fixed conflicts that were preventing NextGen Gallery compatibility
  • A css change in WordPress 5.3 was resulting in content images getting a left and right margin
  • Changes in the latest versions of Firefox were resulting in an error when saving in the visual builder
  • Deleting the default grid or gallery style was throwing an error
  • Making sure we don’t cache SSL requests as non-SSL requests
  • Removed some unnecessary CSS from front pages of site

Version 7.7.11

bugfixes (10/15/19)

  • (regression) Fixed error in the Post/Page editor when trying to insert a select posts grid
  • Preventing scroll jumpiness after navigating to a page with a scroll-to link
  • Gallery images now display in the correct order after inserting a Post or Page and saving

Version 7.7.10

bugfixes (10/2/19)

  • A grid including a post with an old ProPhoto 5 gallery, will now correctly show the first image in the grid
  • Fixed tile bug causing layers repositioned on hover to be misaligned in some scenarios
  • Repositioned the text module toolbar so it isn’t cut off by edges of screen when in a narrow column
  • Grids now use full sized images when ProPhoto image downsizing is disabled
  • Re-worded some labels in the Layout settings area for more consistency/clarity
  • Fixed incorrect spacing above and below some elements caused by changes in newer browser versions
  • Prevent an Instagram error notification from causing a JavaScript error on site
  • Grids now use high resolution images for high resolution (retina) devices

Where can I find what version I’m on?

Usually ProPhoto does a good job of doing this automatically for you! However, in your WordPress dashboard, you can always scroll to the bottom of the screen and see which version of ProPhoto you’re running.

Where to find the ProPhoto version number.

How can I make updates?

There are a couple of ways to update your ProPhoto version.
If you’re on a previous version of ProPhoto like 4, 5, or 6, you can upgrade to version 7 at a discount here.

If you wanted to update your existing ProPhoto 7 theme, you can do that in your WordPress dashboard by clicking “ProPhoto” > Settings

Click the settings link in the ProPhoto WordPress Menu

After clicking the settings link, click the “misc” tab in the sidebar. Then you’ll scroll down and you can either:

A. Click to trigger an update.
B. Enable automatic updates going forward. (supported on most hosts).

Enable automatic updates in ProPhoto under misc settings in the customer.

We’re constantly updating with new features and bug fixes to give you the best possible experience at ProPhoto! Keep an eye out on the blog for more updates in the future!

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