Discounted Pricing

As we’ve previously announced here on our blog, ProPhoto version 6 is scheduled for release in some form in September of 2015. In light of this announcement, we’ve decided to discount the price of ProPhoto version 5 for the remaining few months in which it will be available for sale.

One week from today, on Wednesday, July 15 2015 we will be reducing the price of ProPhoto5 from $199 to $179. In addition, anyone who purchases ProPhoto version 5 after July 15 will also be eligible to upgrade to ProPhoto version 6 for only $20.

The result of this pricing change is that anyone who purchases ProPhoto5 after July 15 will eventually be able to migrate to version 6 without being penalized for purchasing version 5 late in it’s life cycle. The initial cost of version 6 is planned to be $199, equivalent to the discounted price of version 5 plus the discounted upgrade.

Please note, anyone who has purchased ProPhoto prior to July 15, 2015 can still upgrade to version 6 at a reduced price (our upgrade prices historically have been $89), just not at the special discounted rate of $20.

A note about upgrading from version 5 to version 6

All of the above information is submitted with the intention of being transparent to our user base, and anyone considering buying ProPhoto for the first time during these few months. Another area that seems relevant to disclose for those considering a purchase in the coming weeks is that the upgrade path will likely be somewhat more involved than past major upgrades. Past ProPhoto major upgrades (from 3 to 4, and 4 to 5, for instance) featured automatic and nearly pixel-for-pixel importing of the previous versions designs.

The changes that are coming in version 6 of ProPhoto are so deep and substantial that the upgrade process between version 5 and 6 will likely not be as precise or automatic. This is almost entirely due to the fundamental shift of going fully responsive. Many concepts that make sense in a fixed-width site environment have no obvious or simple analog in a responsive environment, hence some new paradigms must be accepted. We will definitely be working hard to make the upgrade process as easy as we can, but there will likely be at least some manual work and decision making for you to do to transition from version 5 to version 6.

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