Designer Spotlight: Design Aglow

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We’re very excited to announce the latest addition to our designer network, Design Aglow. Over the last several years, Design Aglow has become a go-to spot on the web for Photographers looking to start or grow their business.  From stunning design kits to brilliant photography guides, their resources achieve a level of excellence that have carved them a prominent place in the photography industry.  We’re happy to be a part of their latest offering, full site designs utilizing the ProPhoto theme.

We’re kicking off this new partnership with a Designer Spotlight interview below, and by launching 3 new Design Aglow designs in our store that will be available at special introductory pricing for our first week: 15% off all Design Aglow designs for ProPhoto. Valid Monday, June 10th through Sunday June 16th at Midnight EST. (Introductory price is $85, regular price is $100.)  Included in the 3 is a “Project Life 365” design that is specifically set up as a photo-a-day blog design.  See more info about the new designs at the bottom of this post.

PP: Where are you based out of?

DA: West Palm Beach, Florida.

PP: Tell us a bit about yourself.  Are you married, do you have kids?

DA: I am an artist, entrepreneur, wife, mom, and traveler! I have a background in art education and I am truly a teacher at heart. I have been a portrait photographer for 15+ years now and 7 years ago I co-founded Design Aglow, which was the first online resource of its type for professional wedding and portrait photographers. I am passionate about helping photographers achieve a higher level of success and preserving the integrity of our industry. I work about 60 hours a week, so I reward myself with several great family trips per year  where we can make memories together….and take lots of photographs!

PP: How did Design Aglow start out and how has it evolved since?

DA: We started out in 2006 with the Design Aglow Magazine, which was filled with solid business-building content and creative inspiration for photographers. Four years later we brought in a line of fantastic business tools in addition to the design templates we were becoming well-known for.  We now employ 10 of the best employees on the planet, as well as involving writers, industry leaders, business consultants, and attorneys in our detailed product creation process to make sure everything we do is the absolute best in our field.

“We never want to follow the trends in our field…we want to create them! Our customers feel the same way and appreciate our efforts to make them look their best.”

PP: How would you describe your design style?  From where do you draw your inspiration?

DA: Our style is clean, modern, and always aims to enhance a photographer’s imagery rather than compete with it. We are inspired by fine art, fashion, film, and travel! We never want to follow the trends in our field…we want to create them! Our customers feel the same way and appreciate our efforts to make them look their best.

PP: Is there a favorite design project that you’ve done, or a recognition that you’ve received that stands out, something you’re particularly proud of?

DA: We are so proud to have been the first at so many things that are now standard in the industry, from multi-sided card templates, marketing suites, wall gallery templates, studio magazines, and posing cards. A few years ago, we were approached by Random House to create two books based on our popular posing guides. I am proud to announce that Design Aglow’s Portrait Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography launches internationally this August and the companion, Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, will be released in December!  Along with simple and modern posing how-to’s, both books will feature the imagery of some of the best photographers in our industry including the likes of Elizabeth Messina, Jose Villa, and Anna Kuperberg.  Very exciting!

PP: Can you tell me a bit more about Design Aglow’s values?

DA: At Design Aglow, it is our mission to elevate the industry of professional photography by providing empowering education and expert design tools to help photographers achieve success.  We believe in preserving the artistry of the profession, and are dedicated to offering materials that develop effective business practices and raise industry standards. I think this philosophy has contributed to our long-term success and to our reputation in the business.

PP: What’s your favorite thing about your job… and/or about partnering with ProPhoto? 😉

DA: We always love to connect with like-minded companies and individuals in our industry and ProPhoto is no exception! We are excited to bring our designs to life in ProPhoto’s popular platform and to see what photographers do with technology we were never able to offer before…until now!

And speaking of that…. we would LOVE for photographers to send in their Design Aglow ProPhoto site URL’s to us so we can share and inspire our community at DesignAglow.com/blog – look for the “share” link!

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