Changes Coming to Twitter Integration

We want to give you all a little bit of a heads-up that some changes are in store for ProPhoto’s twitter integration.

Twitter recently announced that they are changing their API and will be preventing the anonymous consumption of public twitter data. Unfortunately, much of our Twitter integration relies on being able to consume this public data without authentication. This means that as of March 2013, the following areas of Twitter integration in ProPhoto will no longer work:

  • Twitter feed menu dropdown item
  • ProPhoto Sliding Twitter widget
  • ProPhoto Twitter HTML widget

We’re exploring possible options to workaround the problem, but ultimately, we may have to discontinue these features. The ProPhoto Twitter.com widget will still work, but it is very limited in terms of its customizability because it is just an iFrame into Twitter.com. We may be able to walk users through a process of setting up a Twitter “app” so that they can make authenticated requests to the Twitter API, but we’ll have to see how complicated this is, or if possibly we can route all of our users through a central ProPhoto application that we create and maintain.

We’ll post again closer to March and give you a more concrete idea of what our approach will be to the API change.

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