P4 Auto-update details, build #1382

Today we’re pushing a free auto-update to ProPhoto4 for users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. This update is a maintenance update, primarily with a pile of small bug fixes for rare configurations, plus a few small improvements and enhancements. If you’re interested in the gory details, read the changelog below.

-GOTCHA- If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


  • fix rare bug in mobile sites that caused menu popups to fail after multiple ajax page loads in certain situations
  • fix incorrectly initializing random-ordered masthead slideshows
  • strip tags from Facebook meta, for rare circumstances where users put HTML in post titles
  • fix isolated font live-previews in admin area that were not previewing correctly
  • improve readability of Maxwell design lightbox text
  • fix rare issue where multi-line menu text overlapped itself
  • prevent deletion of slideshow music when music not found caused by rare server configuration plus site access through wrong scheme (usually by search engine spiders)
  • add functionality to remove all ProPhoto-modified (downsized or watermarked) imgs – with (pp_* file name pattern
  • add class-based exclusions for image dropshadow, rounded corners, and borders: .no-shadow, .no-border, .no-rounded-corners
  • add “img-as-is” class for totally skipping gdModify, lazyload, and image right-click protect
  • fix rare bug from previous build which could produce many unused inactive widgets
  • delete ProPhoto generated imgs (downsized, watermarked) when deleting an image through WP admin. this will prevent mixups if later an image us uploaded with exact same file name
  • try to prevent fatal errors caused by plugins prefixing classes with “Wp” and wrapping in class_exists() without setting $autoload = false
  • fix filehash for one of the included design webfonts, causing repeated attempts to download
  • switch centering of menu items to pure CSS, instead of javascript
  • switch to header.php, index.php, footer.php convention for better compatibility with plugins, especially Woo Commerce
  • handle font uploading erros caused by doubled “-webfont” filename fragment in situations where webfont files are not in root of unzipped zip file
  • workaround rare javascript problem caused by webhost where preg_match of newlines needs \r instead of \n
  • ensure that empty alt tags are preserved by NrImgTag, and add some empty alt tags where appropriate, to decrease HTML validation errors
  • ensure that post image borders, dropshadows, and corner rounding also apply on mobile
  • change language in post excerpts option to read ‘blog pages’ instead of ‘home pages’ for clarity
  • add two more classes which are loopholes for img protection right-clicking: “allow-right-click”, and “psp-active”
  • fix incorrect display of slideshow gallery thumbnails when controls displayed vertically
  • add quasi-body classes (prefixed with “mbc-“) to inner mobile wrapping div so that we can target these for page-specific mobile tweaks, since the body classes never actually change when ajax-loading
  • switch internally coded URLs in ProPhoto from http://www.prophotoblogs.com/ to http://www.prophoto.com/ to reflect our new primary domain
  • make sure we don’t image protect slideshow logos or buttons, as it can screw up splash screen spacing
  • have IE10 use html5 music player instead of flash, since support is good
  • fix rare bug with Android 4.2.x mobile devices causing overlay grids to not work correctly
  • fix temporary logic bug in contact form anti-spam question/answer processing
  • workaround weird issue where totally empty menu items with empty string ids were breaking menu admin area
  • be more careful to validate just contact form form and not other forms, preventing javascript errors when widgets containing HTML forms were used in the contact form area
  • prevent duplication of title attributes in grid item links
  • fix lightbox galleries that failed to init properly after mobile device ajax load
  • fix problem with new design form iframe where iframe body was not scrolling properly, making it impossible to see “save changes” btn
  • remove CSS files that have been pulled into designer admin plugin
  • add mechanism for completely disabling “issues” for troublesome servers where the process of handling issues causes weird, hard to troubleshoot errors
  • strip html tags before counting length of SEO meta desc, so that we get longer, fuller descriptions
  • send nocache headers for admin-ajax.php requests, preventing rare ajax issues, especially (for who knows why) on certain polish servers

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