P4 Auto-update details, build #1324

Today we’re pushing a free auto-update to ProPhoto4 for users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. In the past few weeks we’ve significantly refactored the behind-the-scenes code of the ProPhoto admin area in preparation for future changes. This particular update is meant to get everyone up to date with the latest changes and up to a totally stable build. You shouldn’t really notice any changes to your site or your admin area, except for maybe a slightly faster load on the ProPhoto customization pages. If you’re interested in all the details, see the changelog below.

-GOTCHA- If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


  • re-write and refactor all admin javascript with unit-testing, AMD, and require.js
  • create build process for minifying and deploying admin javascript, for faster page loads
  • refactor all input and upload boxes, adding unit-testing
  • switch to .YAML input config files, built to .json for deployment
  • switch location of arrows on article prev/next links if alignment switched
  • fix gallery & grid placeholder edit button click failure since webkit removed support for event.layerX and event.layerY
  • fix some minor WordPress 3.5 layout and CSS glitches
  • fix a problem where mobile overlay grids were being set to width=0 when loading page via ajax from another single-article page
  • add mobile-specific text input for prev/next buttons as these need to be shorter
  • fix problem with mobile sites in certain scenarios having small extra white space added horizontally
  • fix bug with masthead slideshow set to randomize image where link-to URL for first uploaded masthead image is always used first, instead of the correct, randomized link-to URL
  • strip tags from WordPress pages/post titles when putting them into radio and select inputs, for those who put HTML in their post titles
  • don’t load all gallery images when we’re just creating previews for selecting and inserting – save time and memory and prevent timeout when users have tons of large galleries
  • allow translation of “images” text for gallery grid items

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