P4 Auto-update details, build #1289

Today we’re pushing a small free auto-update to ProPhoto4 for users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. This particular update is mostly to implement the strategy for dealing with the new media upload/insert functionality in WordPress 3.5 which outlined in my last blog post. Since WordPress 3.5 was released today, it’s time to push the promised auto-update.

Along with the compatibility issues for WordPress 3.5, there are also a handful of minor tweaks and bugfixes, as always. If you’re interested in all the details, see the changelog below.

-GOTCHA- If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


  • increase menu ajax-content fetcher timeout to 10 seconds from five seconds, prevent loading errors on slow sites
  • catch Acer 1500 tablet as tablet, not mobile
  • add unit tests for ensuring that NrImgTag doesn’t strip valid HTML5 attributes “role” and “data-X”
  • workaround problem in IE8 where imgs inside anchors set to display:inline-block lose width
  • identify google Nexus 7 as tablet, not mobile
  • let body overflow with scrollbar on iframed grid admin page instead of using media-queries to control height
  • fix default values and css text input alignment for Advanced > Extra Bg Imgs option areas
  • Adding ‘$’ icon to paid starter designs in Manage Designs screen
  • only hide Jetpack plugin messages on ProPhoto customize screen, not everywhere
  • workaround rendering issue in Firefox, set max-width of links in bio columns to 100% so that imgs within also are constrained properly
  • put “last-post” class on last article, since on search results, posts and pages are mixed, and last might be page, not post
  • force thumbswrap to have a text-align:left, counteract whacky html in posts, like people wrapping placeholders in <center> tags
  • fix line-height bug with WordPress pages widget list when child of anchor img with line-height set to zero causing long links to overlap themselves
  • fix slideshow thumbnail alignment problem on rtl sites
  • don’t show primary nav menu alignment option if pptclassic selected
    also: fix problem with jquery 1.8.2 for menu alignment
  • Switched to dynamic default contact form subject line
  • rework ppFolders to use wp_upload_dir()
  • don’t display post published date on mobile if the user has selected “do not show post date”
  • identify kindle devices as tablets, not mobile
  • make suckerfish navs play nice with rtl
  • be careful that excerpted post img css doesn’t get applied outside of #content div, as it can screw up .article-content that gets ajax-loaded into nav receptacles
  • set heirarchical flag to false when asking for pages, to ensure we see child pages as well
  • don’t show mobile masthead modification options that weren’t getting used anyway
  • allow for spaces before/after html attribute equals signs in ppImgTag, since they are legal, but rare, but were breaking the html parser
  • fix rare JavaScript bug on foreign-language media-upload screen
  • prevent first/last lightbox overlay image from being downloadable in IE
  • mobile CSS tweaks, fix scrolling content area, normalize padding for footer elements
  • ensure that vertical widget link font settings don’t get overridden by css selectors that include ID, like “#bio a”
  • don’t use hard-coded prev/next text for mobile older/newer posts links – respect user input
  • switch from WordPress .button-primary/secondary to .pp-button-primary/secondary so we have more stability between versions and completely control the appearance of those buttons
  • only modify the posts per page returned by wp_query once when using grid excerpts, so as not to mess with recent posts widgets and other things that run the same filter
  • force use of old upload/insert button instead of WP 3.5 new media manager, until that feature stabilizes and we can better support it
  • don’t show comments at all on attachment pages, these tend to be sources of spam comments, for some reason
  • refine css for wp 3.5, ensure gallery buttons don’t appear until imgs uploaded
  • handful of Windows compat fixes for uploading font and design zips with new ppFolders methodology
  • fix non-appearance of “custom” option for masthead_display which enables the custom flash header upload
  • change add_menu_page() capability test from “edit_themes” to “edit_theme_options” because constant DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT can bork the former

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