P4 Auto-update details, build #1200

Today we’re pushing an auto-update for ProPhoto4 users on auto-upgrade-capable web hosts. This particular update, like the last one, is primarily a pile of small bug-fixes and minor enhancements we’ve made in the last few weeks. A bunch of the fixes happen to be mobile-related.

The most notable two new enhancements are 1) new “link to this post” Call-to-action items which work like the links in the comments header area, and 2) the ability to designate a link URL for your bio area image/s.

-GOTCHA-If your host doesn’t do auto-updates, you can download the latest build from within your admin area, under ProPhoto => Customize => Site Settings => Misc => ProPhoto Updates. Tutorial for updating from downloaded zip can be found here.-/-


For those interested in a near-exhaustive list of what’s fixed, see the below list:

  • ensure that custom alternate (alt) text is respected in lightbox and slideshow galleries, as well in their thumbnails
  • <address> tags should be italic by default, that’s the convention, and how WordPress previews them in the visual editor
  • identify newer Windows phones as mobile devices
  • fix a minor layout bug that could cause text on mobile overlay grids to get cut off
  • ensure that we align masonry grids on mobile devices if showing desktop site
  • consider Samsung “Note” phone a tablet (like iPad) since it’s way bigger than normal phones
  • fix Android mobile slideshow re-sizing when screen rotated, caused by bug in Android orientatonchange event
  • remove a bit of unwanted whitespace on mobile sites when comments are not being displayed
  • fix a problem with media-upload gallery buttons on certain non-english localizations of WordPress
  • make future-scheduled posts auto-lint with Facebook when transitioning to published to clear out any cache problems when inaccessible to Facebook prior to publishing
  • allow custom grid items to link directly to contact form with hash #contact-form, even in overlay format
  • work around a rare problem resulting in specialized “pages” being not found, caused by poorly coded plugins
  • add a couple of classes for mobile article header meta data, to hook to with CSS/JS
  • fixed a problem with mobile links inside of popup menus not working when ajax disabled or linking to external site (only iOS5)
  • change to correct comma-separated syntax for mobile meta viewport tag, resolves some errors and corrects some rendering glitches on newer versions of iOS
  • don’t trigger mobile overlay grid overlay show/hide when user is scrolling, if possible, improve usability of mobile posts/pages with overlay grids
  • force Facebook comments mobile to FALSE when in iPad, because for some reason it adds a HUGE amount of extra space, whereas the normal non-mobile does not
  • workaround extremely rare server problem that can cause uploaded ProPhoto images to never save
  • catch android tablet “Transformer” treat like an iPad, not like mobile phone
  • workaround problem with iOS 5 and mobile footer menu links
  • add missing non-vendor specific rounded corner css for tabs, as Firefox 13 dropped support for deprecated -moz-corner-radius format
  • don’t let image HTML sneak into mobile excerpts when it is hard-coded into the custom excerpt field
  • fix extra 20px of white padding on top of ProPhoto admin iframes, added in wp 3.4
  • on import from P3, correctly transform an iPad-related body class that changed from P3 to P4
  • don’t trust that wpurl and url are unslashed, because people can hard-code these with WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL constants in their wp-config.php file, and WordPress doesn’t unslash them if they are slashed
  • fix sizing problems with overlay style grids on mobile sites
  • constrain Facebook like/send button width on mobile devices to prevent rendering screwups in android
  • remove empty Email query param to prevent error message in call to action subscribe by email
  • revert to having only green edit button work for editing grids and galleries from admin placeholder, so placeholder is draggable within post visual editor
  • update Twitter tweet permalink structure AGAIN because they changed back to their old format before their ill-fated adventure with hashbangs
  • fix a rare problem on certain windows servers that was causing the pathfixer to fail after a blog had been moved
  • some minor tweaks for WordPress 3.4 compatibility
  • prevent some PHP warnings on “Manage Designs” screen on rare Solaris servers caused by unexpected return value from glob() function
  • add “link to this post” option to call to action options to mirror the functionality built into comments header
  • add optional link URLs for bio images
  • new: checkboxes to disable/enable main widget footer area on various page types
  • increase default max number custom grid items to 50 (can be increased even more with Tweaks plugin)
  • change how we get category URLs so that we respect pretty permalinks and prevent servers from redirecting

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