5 Reasons to upgrade to ProPhoto 7

There are so many reasons you should be upgrading to the latest and greatest, but today we’re giving you 5 reasons to upgrade to ProPhoto 7!

1. Don’t let your website break!

The biggest reason you should update to ProPhoto 7…don’t let your site break!

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Pretty soon, WordPress will require that all themes, plugins, and widgets require working with PHP 7.0 or higher with the intention of leading everyone to the minimum of PHP 7.3+.

ProPhoto 7 works with the latest and greatest version of PHP, so if you’re on the newest version or ProPhoto, you have nothing to worry about! *phew – cue drinking a glass of wine*

WordPress has been slowly pushing the bare minimum of PHP for over the last year, with the intention to force move everyone to PHP 7 in 2020. Most hosts are now automatically pushing the updates to WordPress websites now and some ProPhoto 4 and 5 users are finding that out the hard way with broken customizers. 🙁

If you’ve logged into your older legacy version of ProPhoto 3, 4, or 5 and your host has automatically updated your site to PHP 7, then you may find that parts of the ProPhoto back end no longer is accessible, or your site may be broken all together with future releases. Those themes are severely outdated and no longer supported by our team.

If you’re currently on ProPhoto 6 (can you believe it launched 4 years ago?) we still support that version and works with PHP 7.0+ but eventually we’ll stop supporting older versions all together.

We’ve been sending out emails and upgrade notices to all users over the last few months. You may have seen WordPress notices in your dashboard as well as ProPhoto notices for upgrading.

The deadline is fast approaching and with hosts already pushing updates out automatically, we’re seeing people in a rush to update their sites. Don’t let it catch you unaware!

2. New Visual Builder

Technology and design has changed tremendously in the last 5 years. When ProPhoto 3, 4, and 5 were released, the idea of a visual page builder wasn’t even a thing yet.

The days of simply clicking a bunch of dials and settings and popping out a design is no longer an option. Most website builders on the internet now provides some kind of visual builder or page builder.

Usually, we tell people it’s a lot like coming from a flip phone to a touch screen phone! It’s literally that big of an update from a previous version of ProPhoto. There’s a pretty large learning curve coming from those versions of ProPhoto because it’s so new and different. Technology in general gets more complicated especially with as how many features we now have built in.

There’s been hundreds of improvements and changes since those versions have released, in fact ProPhoto 6 and 7 both got entire interface changes. We’ve worked hard to bring you a much better, easier experience in ProPhoto 7.

3. Support

While we maintain support for the latest version of ProPhoto, we drop support for older versions when new large releases come out. This means that 1. we don’t update the theme anymore and 2. if you get stuck with your design or theme, there’s not much we can do to help.

We also offer an extensive database of tutorials and help articles with both photo and video for all things ProPhoto on our support site. To maintain our excellent customer support and keep surviving as a company, we have to put our time and effort into the latest version.

4. 100% fully responsive

Early versions of ProPhoto were fixed width and had a simple, separate mobile site. ProPhoto 7, being fully responsive allows you to create a single site that looks great on all devices, no matter the width!

ProPhoto will automagically keep showing all of your content, regardless of the device or browser window size. In general, only minimal changes in spacing needed to dial in the look at each of the four widths at which you can make changes.

Most builders make you edit the mobile and tablet version of your site individually. That takes up hours of extra precious times you could be spending hustling in other places of your business.

With web becoming increasing mobile viewing heavy, it’s important to make sure the mobile version of your site works fast and friendly with an almost app like experience. We want ProPhoto to give you an awesome experience no matter which device you’re viewing your site on.

Legacy versions of ProPhoto like 3, 4, and 5 had a simplistic mobile experience. At one time, a separate stripped down mobile site was the way to go. But no longer. Google has a new “mobile first” metric, that puts a website’s mobile site front and center above the desktop version. So your search results may not be as good as a website that has their mobile-A-game on! It’s just another reason to make sure your site is the best it can possibly be!

5. Design flexibility

ProPhoto offers great flexibility in design, you can customize everything from: fonts, colors, buttons, tiles, galleries and entire layouts at ease. It’s easy to add your branding, change layouts and with many more features and options specifically for WordPress. WordPress and ProPhoto together allows you to build the website of your dreams!

ProPhoto 3, 4, and 5 have limited features or customization options compared to what’s available now. Older versions no longer have an entire marketplace of beautiful ready made designs to start with. You’ll find all kinds of photography templates to match perfectly for your brand, from minimal, classy, or modern.

Get the best WordPress Photography Theme!

We’ve just give you 5 awesome reasons to upgrade to ProPhoto 7, we want to see you kill it this year for 2020!

We’re running 20% off on anything in the cart until Feb 16! That includes upgrades, new purchases of ProPhoto 7 or premium designs.

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