Not everyone can have a whole department of web professionals. Why not let us be your virtual team?


We're a family of developers and support nerds helping you create your little corner of the internet.


We're a little different. Smaller than you might guess, but we like it that way.  Our entire team is based in the midwest.  The "world headquarters" is in the sleepy town of Holland Michigan, behind an unmarked door above a hair salon.

Our team is divided only into two parts -- development and support.  We're basically either trying to build and improve ProPhoto or help you use it.  We don't spend a ton of time or money doing anything else.


Instead of flooding the internet with ads and affiliate programs, we've chosen to build our company by word of mouth, focusing on delighting our customers with fast and truly helpful customer support.  It's always just worked for us.  We've found that normal people become truly loyal long term customers and evangelists when you take the time to treat them like humans and work hard to solve their problems with integrity, friendliness, and transparency.  That's our philosophy.


In the winter of 2008, the founder of ProPhoto, Jared Henderson, got stuck at his office in Zeeland Michigan, when his Mazda B2000 couldn't make it home in an ice storm. There being literally no place for him to go to sleep, he stayed up all night converting a WordPress site he had built for his wife (then a professional photographer) into a product that other small business owners could customize and use.

A single internet forum post on OSP gained us our first customers, and we've been slowly building and growing ever since. The combination of a truly useful and reasonably-priced product, plus surprisingly excellent customer support, was our secret sauce. Jared started hiring some friends from college, and his big sister too. From there the team and company has slowly evolved over the last 8 years into what we are today.


We're not trying to take over the world or be the next big thing. We like our loyal customers, and we're hoping to maintain our relationship with them. That means continuing to evolve as the web evolves, keeping you guys current with the latest trends and technologies, so you don't get left behind. Because we don't charge any ongoing or recurring fees, we release optional major version "upgrades" about every 12-24 months.  Returning customers always get these new versions at a heavily discounted price.

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